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            The raid on flotilla of Gaza bound ships carrying pro-Palestinian activitists by Israel commandos has sparked a bunch of condemnations and protests all over the globe. The attack, which was carried out in international waters, left at least nine activitists dead and scores of others, including six commandos wounded. Passengers on-board the convoy, consisted of activitists from about fifty countries and were heading to Gaza Strip before they were intercepted by Israel soldiers who descended to the ships from overhead helicopters. The soldiers claimed that the confrontation was initiated by gun attacks against two Israel naval ships by the passengers. However, videos from the attack showed otherwise as there were no arms in the ships but rather humanitarian aid, clubs and knives etc, an indication that the attack was inhumane and barbaric.

This discussion aims to discuss this attack in an effort to show why it was wrong for Israel to attack the flotilla and how the attack was violation of international law and human rights.

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            It was wrong for the commandos to open gunfire to the activitists who did not possess firearms. Even if the activitists manhandled the descending soldiers as it was claimed, the commandos should have looked for appropriate ways to deal with the violent activists The claim by the soldiers that the activists attacked them first while trying to board the ship seems to be a cover-up as there were no live footages other than the video footages taken by the soldiers. In addition, the soldiers blocked communications from the ship, an indication that what they really intended to do and did in the ship was cruel and against humanity.

This was against United Nations conventions that require proper reporting in combat situations involving deaths.

            Secondly, the raid was a violation of human rights as outline in the international laws on human rights. According to United Nations fundamental human rights, use of excessive force to curb violent civilians or non-combatants should only be proportional to the gravity of the mentioned violence. However, this was not the case with this raid. The Israel commandos used lethal force to combat the activitists who were only using machetes and clubs. Even if use of guns was inevitable to protect their lives as they claimed, the soldiers should have fired in the air or used rubber bullets to scare the activitists. The interception was also against United Nations humanitarian laws that require ships or vehicles carrying humanitarian aid to war-prone areas to be allowed to pass through blockades. The commandos knew that the fleet was ferrying aid to the Gaza Strip since they had been informed by the captain of the lead ship to allow the convoy to enter Israel's territorial waters.

            Although looking at international waters convention it appears that the commandos were right to intercept the ship fleet, the manner in which the confrontation was carried out calls for international condemnation. They should have intercepted peacefully and calmly without causing unnecessary fear to the passengers. The soldiers descended from helicopters and as such, the violence behavior of the passengers was a coping mechanism to survive the incoming soldiers.

            The protests and condemnations all over the globe are some of the consequences regarding this raid.

The situation also has put USA in spotlight from Arab Nations. Arab countries will be monitoring response of USA about this attack and a negative response may jeopardize the existing agreements between Arab world and America. Also, as the attack was more of a Hamas-directed raid, there will be increased attacks from Gaza Strip by Hamas fighters towards Israel.


            The attack by Israel commandos on the flotilla of Gaza bound aid ships was inhumane and cruel. Not only did it violate international human rights and humanitarian laws but also, it was against international waters convention. The witnessed world-spread condemnations and protests are just some consequences of the raid as Hamas led attacks are inevitable in the coming days.   


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