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The Constitution of the United States has been referred to as a bundle of compromise because of the fact that the delegates representing people on the Constitution Convention had to compromise on many vital points. Their task was to make a new constitution, which could be acceptable in every American state. In addition, some human rights in the Bill of Rights were to be compromised as well. The compromise of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights will be discussed in the given paper..

The Articles of Confederation that were used by Americans since 1781 to 1787 pointed out that every state had to be represented by one vote in the legislature. When the alterations were discussed for how the states had to be represented, when there was the launching of the new constitution, two plans were pushed forward. The Virginia Plan that provided for the representation was based on the number of people in every state. The famous compromise combined the two plans. It was agreed that there would be two chambers in the legislature, the House of Commons and the Senate.

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Additionally, it was agreed that representation in the House of Commons had to be based on the number of the people in every state. However, the delegates from the southern and northern states had ideological differences on how to count the slaves. The delegates from the north suggested that slaves were not to be counted. They explained that their economy did not rely on the slaves. On the contrary, the delegates who came from the south had a different idea, since their economy relied on slaves. Thus, the compromise between the delegates from north and south called The Three-Fifth Compromise, because five slaves were to be counted as three persons in terms of representation.

It should be mentioned that famous politicians have played a significant role in compromising the Constitution of the United States, which was clearly seen in the Shay’s Rebellion. Governor John forced his soldiers to destroy Shay sites in case there was a need. Adam Sam took part in forming of a party that aimed at dumping the British tea onto the harbor of Boston. He also organized a riot act to outlaw the public gatherings. The violators faced thirty nine lashes and years of imprisonment.

Secondly, the unrest in the New England seems to have compromised the Constitution of the United States. This was vividly seen, when the national leaders convinced the United States to adopt a strong federal form of government. These national leaders proposed the Constitution a year later, which was an act of self-defense, a lawful tool to maintain the unrest of 1786. Despite the fact that the document had rules and laws to protect the majority from the government, it included some provisions that limited the political system’s responsibility to protect the unpopular minor people such as farmers. Thus, it compromised with the Constitution of the United States.

Moreover, the common Americans tried to shape the political system since they were a sizeable number of the farmers’ audience as well as their potential opposition. One can realize that part of the influence was not direct. Since the Constitution seemed to be compromised in one way or another, its authors proposed the document, which was strategically built to win the approval from the majority. In fact, the authors of the Constitution did not force it on the country. This was favored by the cunning politicians that came up with provisions of the Constitution that was acceptable to the majority of the state. The poor voters were also included.

In conclusion, both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States were compromised. Firstly, this is because the delegates representing people on the Constitution Convention had to compromise on many crucial points and make a new constitution, which was to be acceptable in every American state. Most voters from the rural areas jealously protected the government’s rights and American ideals of equality and liberty that made them elect the leaders like Thomas Jefferson and Jackson Andrew. The rural radicals compromised with the Constitution since they fought the growth of the powers granted to the Federal government. Thus, the urbane founders stayed unknown.


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