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In the Guatemalan Civil War, the largest percentage of the people who were murdered was Mayans; they were approximated at thirty five thousand, five hundred and eight, which is equivalent to eighty three percent. The rest of the percentage which is also equivalent to seventeen percent was Ladinos. Guatemala for long been known for its totalitarian nature, and in trying to protect the interest of the minority groups who had taken control of the state, several Mayans were killed because they were perceived as the rebellious group.

Truth commissions or truth and reconciliation commissions are commonly understood to be the bodies that are set up to look into or investigate and come out with the truth about a past history of human rights violations in particular country- this may involve violations by the army or even some other forces of the government or opposition, with the hope of settling or resolving conflict left over from the past.

Before coming to power in 1980, President Reagan courted the Guatemalan right, who he shared same views with. He promised General Romeo Lucas Romeo Garcia, the-then Guatemalan President together with the leaders of the right, a one hundred and eighty degree turn in the United States policy toward their nation. The agreement enabled the restoration of United States weapons sales, the limitation of State Department criticism of human rights abuses, and the promise that America would intervene militarily in case of a popular rebellion. This fueled the war because the Guatemalan government was confident of having US support.

The ‘racists’ policy of the Guatemalan government which used the military and paramilitary forces in the actual killings was responsible for the genocide. The signing of a firm and peace accord in Guatemala provide the nation with an inclusive agenda for overcoming the root causes of war and laying the foundations for a new development (Adams, p54). The main problem or difficulty facing the forensic anthropologists in their attempt to identify remains is the large number of skeletons to be examined, which complicates everything and also people are not ready to participate because they fear the bitter memories.


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