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The United States of America has taken a non-military stance in dealing with Iran with respect to its nuclear program. Iran has been suspected by both the United States and Israel to be developing a nuclear weapon. The possession of a nuclear weapon by Iran means a great threat to both Israel and the United States. Using a nuclear weapon causes terrible consequences that leave the world devastated for many years.

Iran has vowed to obliterate Israel. Such a threat can only be accomplished using a weapon of a nuclear scale and thus, it should be taken seriously. Israel has high-tech intelligence collecting and has been continuously claiming that Iran is making nuclear weapons. The U.S. government and other countries have encouraged negotiations to persuade Iran to abandon its nuclear program. However, it does not seem to yield positive results. The United States imposed sanctions which do not seem to intimidate Iran. The biggest fear is that while the United States remain in a none-military stance, it may be an allowing time for Iran to build a nuclear capability.

I would like the government to give Iran an ultimatum to stop the nuclear program after which a military action can be taken. Failure to act swiftly may lead the whole world into a third world war. In case if Iran uses a nuclear weapon to attack Israel, Israel will retaliate and then the allies of both countries will join the war, which will make it a full scale world one. Such a war would involve lethal weapons and may exterminate all the species on the surface of the world.

My preferred policy may not be achieved in the near future because the United States do not want to be blamed for having caused a world war, should their military actions lead to one. However, if the United Nations Security Council agrees to employ military action, then the policy may be implemented.


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