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The situation of the whole world after 9/11 has changed considerably. World was thought to be a safe place before regardless of the minor terrorist activities all around the world but post 9/11 period has dictated news rules and regulations for the world (Ritter et al, 2006). World is not a safer place now and there are various security issues that have risen above the surface.

The major problem that has popped up is the travel security. Tourists and people all around the world have to visit different parts of the world and terrorist can be in disguise. Since this problem cannot be eradicated completely, the governments around the world have started to follow a coherent plan for the security of their borders. In pre 9/11 era, the travelers didn’t had much problems.

It was very easy to get the visa and there were no constraints on them whatsoever if they stayed in their limits of the country’s law where they visited. The passports were piece of papers that had a photograph of the person and other information. But regardless of that there were no other security measures and checks. People had travelled on the fake passports and many of them were not caught. Illegal immigration from Mexico to US was very easy and it still is. Travelers didn’t have to pass a separate security check in the airports. As it is seen in the movie Flight 93 which was made on the events of 9/11 described the overall condition of security at US airports.

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Regardless of these flaws, nothing major happened anytime in various parts of the world. People were still living a safe life regardless of these major security flaws.

The era after 9/11 was quite different from the pre 9/11. The weaknesses have faced the surface. The flaws of the security on the borders including airports and seaports have been understood and US was very keen to start something better that was for the benefit of his country people (Frittelli, 2003). The department of Homeland Security was created after the 9/11 attacks. This department was responsible for the security of US and had the rights to do whatever they did in order to make their country safe. This allowed them to seal airports and seaports, allowed them to take in any person without any charge for certain number of days (National Commission on Terrorist Attacks, 2004). The overall security architecture was redesigned. Major enhancement was the development of the biometric passports which had all the information about the traveler in an electronically read strip (Frittelli, 2003). The finger prints were started to be taken at all airports. The visa policy of nearly all the countries was made harsh and it was very difficult to cross borders. The illegal means of human trafficking were also looked upon seriously.

The travel security condition is far harder these days. The travelers are being checked and are kept eye upon all the airports.

But still the problem still persists. The attacks in UK and Spain have made the situation worst for all travelers. Even still small problems are there like pick pocketing, mugging etc. and it becomes really difficult to cope with the situations.

On the whole, it can be observed that they situation of security is very tough around the world. Some countries have been able to impact this war forcibly and all the others are being the victims of these actions. The pre and post 9/11 travel security comparison describes these facts very clearly. The world is not a safe place anymore and everyone must take care of himself in all the situations. Keeping open eyes and interpreting the situation can help in avoiding such a big disaster.


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