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Effective leadership lies in the accomplishments and achievement during one’s reign as a people’s main influential figure. Winston Churchill lived his life in the service of his country (Britain) and the people. He was a determined leader who never gave up in spite of the tragedies or losses that he faced. This paper seeks to illustrate the effectiveness of this great man that Britain and the world ever saw.

At a tender age of 24 years, Churchill was an outstanding campaigns report writer. He later made history as the youngest politician to get a parliamentary seat when he was only 26 years of age. Colleagues within his party admired their young parliamentarian because of the exceptional qualities that he demonstrated. He sharpened his leadership early in life in the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. The young man took up military career in which he served his country before embarking on politics. During his time in the military, Churchill demonstrated courage and commitment to his work. He held the position of First Lord of Admiralty at the onset of the First World War (Best, 2005).

In politics, he climbed the leadership ladder up to the position of British Prime Minister in 1940 after the resignation of Prime Chamberlain. He refused to bow down to Nazi Germany and effectively fought against them. After the Second World War, he lost the position of Prime, but got it back in 1950 (Gilbert, 2004).

Till his death, Churchill’s accomplishments, in his different careers and positions, show that he was indeed an effective leader. The defeat of the Nazi German marked the prime of time as a courageous who had all it takes to stand firm and defend his country. His young life is a true indication that he was a natural leader. He had Commitment and determination to effecting positive change everywhere he set his foot (Severance, 1996).


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