Free «Women and Politics Around the World» Essay Sample

While men have been the prime participants in the matters concerning politics for decades, women also had their particular role to play. For years now, women have been participating in voting as well as getting involved in elective positions. In the US for instance, there are many women leaders, taking various positions in both state and federal governments. Some of the office positions held by women include governors, senators, congress, Federal Executives, etc. However, their extent of representation has been more limited than that of men. Studies about women and politics in the US show that while some women voted on racial grounds, a huge number of them did it more authentically due to their risk awareness (Tily & Gurin, 1992). Moreover, their voting turnover has been on the increase, and surveys show that in 2004 more women voted than men.

Women involvement in politics differs from one country to another. Developed countries are known to offer more elective opportunities for women than developing countries due to their democratic structures. Most of the less developed countries adhere to a male chauvinism and do not believe in women leadership. In these countries, women are tied up by domestic tasks such as child nurturing, housekeeping, etc. They are mostly influenced by their husbands and have no time to get involved in politics. There has been an urge by many countries all over the world to mobilize more women in the voting system so as to embrace gender equality in all capacities, especially in leadership. Advocates from all continents believe that if women are given the opportunities, they will be able to perform all the duties the same way as men do. It can be proved by the few examples of women, who have participated in politics and attained elective positions. Women are recently involved in politics and their positive voting habit has often been a decisive in electing eligible leaders (Tily & Gurin, 1992).

Evidently, women need to be given an equal opportunity with men to fulfill their political endeavors. It has been observed that many countries over all continents encourage women to participate in political activities. In the US for instance, women hold a range of elective positions in both federal and state governments. Therefore, women need to engage fully in political matters since their involvement ensures gender balance in all matters affecting a nation.


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