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Globalization encompasses structures of organization and production besides trade and technological developments.

The Background Section

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As a consequence Globalization has given itself greater attention due to its rapid acceleration. It has necessitated the easy spread and integration of people varied cultures, knowledge and commerce across the glob. It has realized major advances since the advent of civilization.

The Description of Proposed Research

This will evaluate on the speed at which change is most experienced in both high and middle income economies. For instance, a single country can receive significant number of inquiries regarding daily household goods and services from a common source.

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The Description of Relevant Institutional Resources

Information technology which has made it easier and simple in providing needed information in many fields might be sampled to provide much global information. It has also improved systems and has enabled globetrotting executives to sustain family confidence through social media tools. The research will also evaluate whether globalization has deleted boundaries that were encouraging selective and seclusion of certain societies. Besides, the education center and health will be checked to fin if globalization has well coordinated spending on these key areas. Scope:  I will commit to observation the trends for six weeks period, from 10 May to 28 July for approximately five hours in a week.


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1. I will establish a literature review on globalization of production.

2. The evaluation will be done on the pattern of commodity trends based on the source and end user of that commodity and or services for a period of 8 weeks. It will provide evidence due to the increasing volumes of foreign trade and investment over the last few years have improved standards of living in industrialized economies as well as in developing countries.

3. Interviewers will establish and present insight into social integration.

Another benefit of globalization is People from different regions integrate through outsourcing which is a significant factor in competition which leads to dispersion of knowledge and skills from previously firm boundaries and national borders.

Timetable: Will complete research May 2011.

Limitations:  Due to constraint of duration of the semester the research will have less time than it might need.

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