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Project overview

People nowadays feel insecure even in places they should feel safest. A sense of insecurity leads to a very unproductive community as people’ focus is no longer on their respective productive occupation rather on matters of insecurity. The root of the problem could be the number of idle youngsters in the hood/community. The youngsters needs a place where they can direct a lot of their untapped energy and talents- youth initiatives could be funded to keep that idle part of our population busy.  

The situation can and will be improved through setting up of this project. A big difference in terms of security and productivity will be evident upon completion of the project.

Problem statement

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A survey was conducted to show the rising levels of insecurity in Atlanta, Georgia whichmost residents in the area have complained about. The issue needs to be addressed urgently before further damage is done. Therefore strict policies and strategies need to be put in place to correct the reigning situation. There are other policies implemented but we need new ones which are up to date with the current problems we are facing. Doing this will bring safety in the area and make people more productive in their areas of occupation. The project aims at improving security systems within the locality.


The project will subsidize the cost in case of security systems installation within the residents’ homes, recreational parks and business premises. In the residential areas, the locals can install burglar alarms and surveillance cameras. The High definition CCTV cameras could also be used in streets where there are no security officers or community policing.

Repair and maintenance of the street lights. The project will ensure that all damaged street lights are replaced and that they are well maintained on a regular basis.

The project will also aim at increasing patrol vehicles that will be constantly patrolling the area. The number of quick response guards will be dramatically increased to enable them handle the many stress calls that come as a result of the increased cases of insecurity.

Security agencies with well trained personnel will provide enough security within the assigned location. The personnel will be on guard on a 24 hour basis.In addition, the residents of the area will be encouraged to come together and do community policing.

It will provide the residents of the community with counseling services for the delinquents and defiant youths. Moreover, it will help in nurturing the youths and their talents. This will enable the youths to become more productive within the community. This will get off a lot of delinquents off the street thereby reducing the insecurity.

The project also proposes the establishment of more private tertiary institutions to keep the youths busy and equip them with basic knowledge and skills on how to develop themselves as individuals.

Project schedule

The project is expected to begin by 8thAugust 2011 and end on 5th December 2011.the team has qualified staff who will ensure the project is done on time.

Week1&2:      sensitizing  the locals of the project you are about to begin in the community encouraging them to install burglar alarms and educating the community generally on ways of raising alarms in case of an incident.

Week3&4:      Repair and maintenance of street lights

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Week5&6:       Installation of CCTV in public areas- streets, parks.

Week 7, 8 &9: Buying more patrol vehicles

Week 10, 11, 12: Training and recruitment of the security personnel

Week13, 14, 15: Hold seminars for the youths

Week 16: Assessing how successful the project was.



The cost for pursuing the project is reasonable considering all the benefits it will attract. It will bring about a major difference in terms of security.

In terms of technology and personnel, there are well trained specialists and consultants who will advise accordingly throughout the project. The specialists likely to be needed for the project involve: security officers, specialized personnel for installing security systems, team project players manager, who have relevant skills and experience.


The following illustrates how funds in the project will be used:




Employment coordinator



Seminar facilitators



Installation of security systems



Repair of street lights



Subsidizing cost of home security systems



Buying vehicles




Currency in dollars


Other expenses



In Dollars

Total in 4 months














Total amount needed for the project



Expected results of the project

The project is likely to reduce the insecurity levels as shown in the graph below. If the resources of the project provided are well maintained then over the year’s insecurity levels are likely to drop progressively.


This graph shows the level of insecurity over the years after project implementation and release. It shows that the levels of insecurity will reduce.



The graph shows insecurity level in the past years. It shows that the levels of insecurity will increase if nothing is done about the situation.




The project will demand a lot of resources: time, manpower, money, absolute commitment and time. However the benefits of the project will outdo the cost. Upon completion of the project a lot of long term benefits will be realized.

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