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Subject: Rejection of the request for reinstatement of pay.

Texas Technologies is offering the best products and services to its clients. The company is committed to prosper as the leading provider of protective packaging for static, moisture, corrosion and contamination due to the growing demand for these products and services.

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The high demand for our products calls for all the employees to put in extra effort in their work. This is by utilizing the company’s resources to do the designated work. To facilitate this, the company’s management has introduced a system to facilitate monitoring of the company’s resources usage. This is to ensure that the employees produce their best at work. Unfortunately, you violated the company’s success policy by using large percentage of your time surfing the internet sites unrelated to your work at the company. In this regard, the company’s management put you on probation.

After vast consultation between the company management and our legal advisors, we are sorry to inform you that your request for reinstatement of your pay has bee declined. This is because the company used legal channels in effecting this.

The company management regrets any inconveniences caused.


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