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This is a reflective report on the presentation about an Indian woman who fought for her rape baby. The aim of this report is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation, commenting on its overall quality. The report also focuses on how exactly the author has developed in terms of Power Point experience and public speaking skills, while discussing both psychological and professional changes in the author which are related to the project preparation and delivery.

First of all, my learning has advanced in terms of broadening of my professional outlook. Delving into the problem of the Indian woman with special needs that had to defend in court her right to give birth to a baby was a good experience in terms of boosting my ethical thinking as applied to professional conduct of a nurse. Since one of the roles of a nurse is to act as advocates for the patient’s rights, it appears very important to be able to get the hang of any controversial situation that might arise and identify the correct decision in this situation. Above all, the ethics of virtue needs to be considered, which places the interest of a patient in the first place. Dealing with this case study has helped me realize my role as an advocate of human rights and patients’ rights in the sphere of their psychological and physical well-being. It also provided an insight into the essence of modern-day problems in the sphere of health care, which are often inseparable from vital legal questions. In addition, I got experience in preparing PowerPoint presentations in combination with hand-outs use, and applied my skills of PowerPoint presentations/ hand-outs creation to the nursing context. Now I feel qualified enough to present my views at some conference or some seminar because of the similar experience and positive feedback I have got for the presentation.

Psychologically, I developed my public speaking skills. Speaking in front of the public has become easier. I have learnt to keep the eye-contact with the audience and tried to apply relevant body language while speaking. Judging by the positive feedback that I received from my peers I excelled in this. From the psychological perspective, I have grown to be more confident thanks to the positive feedback to my work. Surprisingly enough, my presentation was assessed ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’ by all listed criteria. Specifically, for each of these criteria I was evaluated 4 out of 4 points. The criteria were: (1) whether the presentation focused on a variety of perspectives; 2) whether the presenter used the eye-contact; 3) whether pace and pitch were used effectively; and 4) whether hand-outs and PowerPoint were used where appropriate.

To sum up, the presentation has developed my professional competence as well as my skills as a public speaker. Besides, it helped me to overcome certain psychological barriers.


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