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Healthcare organizations may be affected in different ways by external forces, which in some cases have forced them to undergo major adaptations in the way they operate or their approach to health care delivery. It is indisputable that there are rapid changes in the aspects of delivery and consumer acceptance of treatment options. In response to this development, hospitals are evaluating their infrastructure with a view to making it available to physicians and hospital staff in order to ensure support and enhanced performance. Besides infrastructural initiatives, changes in the quality of service delivery can greatly transform community health services.

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Community Service

 The first external force that influences adaptations by health organizations is community service. In a quest to improve community service through provision of quality healthcare services, one of the measures taken by United States government is to plan to eradicate chronic and preventable diseases. Strong Memorial hospital in Rochester, New York has established a joint community service health plan. The plan lists ten public health priorities as required by the government regulation and that approach used is the integration of traditional medical services with public heath initiatives meant to improve health status. The hospital holds education programs aimed reducing the prevention and management and will be implemented according to government regulations.  The implementation follows a model involving three essential steps involving the process of translation. According to Dougherty and Conway (2008), a model intended to accelerate the rate at which innovations are implemented was developed, arguing that the translation of basic science into clinical research, is the beginning of a journey toward high quality, effective and safe care delivery, especially in the prevention of diseases that are considered threats to public health.  The second translation is focus on creating more patient-specific evidence of clinical effectiveness, comparing effectiveness to identify the appropriate medication for the right patient at the right time and ensuring the translation into practice the guidelines and tools for patients, clinicians and policy makers (p.2319). In this regard, the staff of Strong Memorial is involved in the use must teach the public on healthy eating habits, and promote healthy habits at home and in the whole environment.

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Dougherty and Conway (2008), indicate that the third essential step, which is meant to ensure that evidence-based treatment prevention and other interventions, are administered in a reliable way to all patients in all places and contribute to the realization of improved health by individuals and populations. Accordingly, Strong Rochester Hospital abides by the policy changes that are essential to the realization of improved health outcomes (p.2319).  In summation, the quest for community service will need a shift in activities, investments, creation and sustenance of an information-rich and patient focused American health care system that can be relied upon to deliver high quality care, exemplified by Strong Memorial hospital The implementation of the new clinical and scientific knowledge and solving problems of diseases that are a public health concern, in the United States health care facilities has greatly transformed policies and service delivery processes, improving the quality health care, hence community service. 

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Tremendous changes in the technology have also led to the revolutionization of the healthcare industry, leading to improved quality of health care in all healthcare facilities. It is noteworthy that medical technology products include any instrument, apparatus, appliances, and others that can be used alone or with associated software to essential for its proper application. In reference to Ghodeswar and Vaidyanathan (2008), these devices are used for the purposes of diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment and alleviation of diseases or injuries as well as physiological processes (p.2). An example of a hospital that has immensely adopted the use of technology is Strong Memorial hospital in Rochester New York. For factors to be considered in the acquisition of technologies are: initials cost; methods of recovering expense costs, regulation levels and the prevailing competition. Adoption of innovations changed how basic work is done in the hospital, such as diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Moreover, the acquisition of technology is has enabled the Strong Memorial hospital to easily and effectively with such diseases as heart failure ands transplantation and kidney transplants. Such innovations are desirable since their adoption reduces the cost of particular services. Ghodeswar and Vaidyanathan (2008, however argue that new technologies may as well affect the costs of treating patients, and may also disrupt existing clinical practice while inflating costs (p.4). The acquisition of new MRI machines greatly inflated the pharmacy section budget and the management and hospital policy makers had to plan ahead of the purchase. The costs of training staff, and other changes that were anticipated led to the rise in the reputation of the hospital. 

Additionally, Harrison and Lee (2006), indicate that the use of the internet has reduced the number of visits that patients since they can contact their physicians from home (p.286). Alden (1995), argue that behind each of these two efforts is the fundamental goal of economic activity establishing and maintaining a viable enterprise in order to earn reasonable profit, a goal that Strong Memorial hospital has achieved.


In conclusion, the effect of introducing the use of new technology or new science and clinical knowledge can be a challenging but necessary undertaking. Their adoption will result in overhaul of the organization since old technologies have to be eliminated; staffs have to be trained on the new clinical practices and the use of the new machines. This is evident in the example considered in this paper; the community service and technology adoption for Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. Community service will also have to be monitored with profound caution to ensure effectiveness.  

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