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I like music that carries vital and useful information in it. Music is an important way of passing message currently especially to the current generation made up of young people. Below are some of the songs I would like to review.

      1) We are the world

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      2) This is us by keyshia Cole

      3) For you I will by Monica

From the listings above, the first mentioned album we are the world was composed in 1985 by renowned musician the late Michael Jackson and Lionel was recorded in the united states and its main purpose was to raise capital that could be used to alleviate famine in African continent. However, when vigorous earthquakes hit the Haiti nation, Lionel Richie collaborated with Quincy Jones in the production of the new version of the song ‘ we are the world’, for the same purpose of raising capital to assist the less fortunate individuals struck by the earthquake disaster. The earthquake saw many people lose their lives and properties. The need of assisting the fortunate few who never lost their lives but lost property therefore emerged. Musicians’ creativity was hence incorporated because of their ability to influence a large population within a short span of time. During the shooting of the song, majority of the music icons for instance Keyshia Cole, Lil Wayne, Akon, Kanye West, Wycliffe Jeans among others, were incorporated and this act portrayed that the American music industry were ready to give and campaign for a helping hand to the Haiti Nation. To ensure that the message passed by the song reached too many, the producers used various languages, one of it being Spanish. The song gained fame and was rated top in almost twenty countries (Jackson & Richie, 2010).

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The second song ‘This Is Us’ was composed by a lady musician namely Keyshia Cole. The music has over past gained fame because the message entailed is vital and of much significance to the listener. Keyshia Cole targeted people in relationship. In her song, her advice people to take what they have and be happy. People should never be jealous of what others possess but instead should try to live their own happy lives. The song is among the top rated since majority of people listens to it. Furthermore, it has been embraced by the young generation.

The song ‘for you I will’ was sung by Monica. It is considered a pop music and was written by Diane Warren. It was released in 1997 as a single hit and garnered much votes as the top hundred most listened to song. The lyrics of the song showed that the singer was pledging affection and love to the unknown individual. This allows that individual to take courage in each and every step he/ she undertake with the surety that there is someone who is always there to help him or her. Monica’s’ song has been widely accepted in the world more especially by parents. Parents use the song to pledge loyalty to their children. This motivates the young generation because love and care from their parents propels them to work hard so as to realize their dreams come true. In addition, the song also adds value to the newly acquainted persons because each and every individual pledges loyalty to love each other and also to be trustworthy to one another.

In conclusion, I call upon the youths to embrace music that educates them on vital issues that they encounter day in day out in their lifetimes.

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