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1.Burden of disease attributable to air pollutants from municipal solid waste incinerators in Seoul, Korea by Kim YM, Kim JW and Lee, HJ

This article by the authors Kim YM, Kim JW and Lee, HJ is geared towards bring to our attention how the population within the vicinity where incinerators are located has been affected. According tot eh authors, they are arguing that both the mortality and morbidity rates of the people around the surroundings have been incorporated and have been made more complicated due to the air pollution that has resulted as the case of the incinerators.

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According to the Kim, Kim and Lee (2011), this study that they carried out is geared towards attribute and come up with the exact figure of how the incinerators have affected the environment and contributed to the health complications that the surrounding people are being encountered with especially in Seoul. The authors have paid a lot of attention to developing a measurement criterion that they can be able to employ in looking at the relationship that exists between the four major air pollutants [PM (10), NO (2,) SO (2), and CO)] and the necessary actions that can be taken to curb the problem from spreading.

2. Characterisation and management of ash produced in the hospital waste incinerator of Athens, Greece by Kougemitrou et al

In coming up with concrete evidence regarding to the effects of ash that is produced within the hospital environment, the author used samples from fly and bottom fly ashes. In addition to this, medical waste from Greece and Athens hospitals were utilized and investigated. According to the author, unregulated disposal of these medical wastes especially from incinerators and wastes that are assumed to have been polluted may contaminate soils and the water that is underground. This contamination subjects both the public and the general environment to detrimental risks.

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The study on the medical wastes collected form Greece and Athens was carried out with the aim of assessing the availability and presence of non biodegradable substances especially the heavy metals. The toxicity of the waste was also to be analyzed. In concluding the study, it was noted that the disposal of these wastes to landfills would lead to suitable intoxication and pollution of the soil and underground water masses (Kougemitrou et al. 2009). In relation to this ashes from combustion sites were collected with the aim of finding out how toxic the remnants of the wastes combusted are

3. Slag-cement mortar made with cement and slag vitrified from MSWI fly-ash/scrubber-ash and glass frit by Lee, TC

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The author is interested with finding out how toxic fly ash pollution that originates from solid waste incinerators that are owned by the municipals is.  According to the author, scrubber- ash and fly ash are all byproducts of municipal solid incinerators which are commonly termed to as MSWIs. It is asserted that for the waste to be completely safe and non toxic, they should be treated further before they are disposed into the soil so as to avoid the pollution of the soil and the underground water.

According to the author, the recycling of scrubber- ash is very difficult, almost impossible. Melting the material requires a lot of heat energy. In the author's study a mixture of scrubber-ash and fly ash was conducted and toxicity characteristics leaching procedures conducted. From the tests, it was identified that the leached metals concentration was below what is regulated by the threshold (Lee, 2009). The comprehensive strength possessed with the SCP were very high in comparison to those of other controlled groups and indication of how much we are endangering our environment and our selves when these wastes are disposed directly to the soil before treatment.

4. Numerical modelling of the memory effect in wet scrubbers by Lothgren CJ

According to the author, Lothgren CJ, it is possible for dibenzofurans and dipenzo-p-dioxins to be absorbed and re-reabsorbed from polypropylene. This is often very possible in packing of this compounds that are perceived to be wet and constantly utilized in waste lines of incinerators. This behavior that is referred to as the memory effect has been framed by employing a phase of gas, numerical solid phase and surface equilibrium models that try to explain how these substances are transported to and from and inside the PCDD/Fs while they are in the PP.

In the study, two lines of incinerators were modeled. In the first line, desorption and absorption in PP rods that were to be used in the test were tracked before and after the installation of a filter fabric was placed completely in a scrubber that was wet (Lothgren, 2008). The PCDD/FS accumulation in the second scrubber was installed at the beginning and in subsequent decline moments and watched over a period of two weeks. The results indicated a chlorinated homologues that was lower in desorption time an indication of what needs to be done if we are to protect ourselves and our environment.

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