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Bromley, Simon .American hegemony and world oil: the industry, the state system and the world economy. Pennsylvania PA; Penn state press.1991.Print.

US, the dominant country after the second mould war and has exerted influence on other nation. This book seeks to find out how it influence has contributed to the current state o f the oil market.

Bryce, Robert. Power hungry: the myths of "green" energy and the real fuels of the future. New York NY; Public affair, 2010. Print.

The author asserts that green energy campaigners have no facts to support their ideas. The idea of green energy is hyped.

Congress. Congressional records. Washington, WA: Government Printing Office, 2007.Print

The task force had been mandated to analyse the Iraq oil industry. The report looks at how oil production could be boosted after the countries invasion by American forces.

Congress. Congressional Records. Washington WA: Government Printing Office, 2010.Print.

America reliance on imported crude oil posses a risk to its economy. This document explores alternative

Davis, Jerome. The changing world of oil: an analysis of corporate change and adaptation.

Burlington. Baltimore VT: Ash Gate Publishing, 2006.Print.

An in depth analysis of oil industry in the US is done and the variables involved. The author states that it is vital that the industry is changed radically

Falola, Toyin. & Genova, Ann. The politics of the global oil industry. Connecticut

CT: Praeger publishers.2005. Print.

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The author seeks to highlight how the politics in the oil industry affect ordinary people. Oil is viewed as the driving force for most industries.

Foster Nanc, Cicin-Sain, Biliana & Knecht, Robert. Trends. Trends and Future Challenges

for U.S. National Ocean and Coastal Policy. Washington WA: Diane Publishing, 2007. Print.

An analysis of trends in the oil market is carried out in this book .It discusses stride that have made in discovery offshore petroleum and natural gas

Lichte, Robert, Rothman Stanley, Linda & Lichte, Linda. The media elite: America's new

powerbrokers. NewYork NY: Hastinghor of this booshouse/Daytrips Publ. 1990 Print.

This book analyses the risk that the oil market posse to any investor. An assessment is carried to determine how the other sectors of the economy are intertwined to it.

Marien, Michael. Future Survey Annual 1992.New York NY: Transaction

Publishers. 1993. Print.

This book highlights how oil trade is crippled by environmental concerns. The author thinks that fear of ecological degradation stands in way of oil exploration.

Nash, Gerald. United States oil policy, 1890-1964business and government in twentieth

century America.USA: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1968.Print.

The author brings to light concerns from the military sector on oil dependency. The military found it to be vital to conserve available oil reserves

Olien, Roger, Hinton, Diana & Olien, Diana. Oil and ideology: the cultural creation of the

American petroleum industry. North Carolina NC: UNC Press Book, 2000. Print. 

After researching on the American oil market the authors found out it was riddled with malpractices .It provided no room for competition and hence its bad image.

Paul, William. Future energy. New Jersey, NJ: John Wiley and sons, Inc.2007. Print.

This book explains how the oil trade will alter politics resulting in a shift of world power.

Quascing, Volker. Renewable Energy and Climate Change. West Sussex: John Wiley and Sons. 2010. Print.

This book provides us with alternative sources energy other than oil. It highlights the potential of various states to produce alternative energy Sabin, Paul. Crude politics: the California oil market, 1900-1940.Califonia CA: University of California press, 2005. Print.

This book seeks to elaborate the causes of America's reliance on oil to drive its economy. It looks at government policy that has led to dependence on imported oil

Taverne, Bernard. Petroleum, industry, and governments: a study of the involvement of industry and governments in the production, and use of petroleum. Netherlands: Kluwer Law International. 2008. Print.

The book outlines clearly the effects of crude oil. It reveals that people are in a state of denial despite their knowledge on the side effects of use of carbon.


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