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The following article implied a research question of the current situation of illegal migration in the border states. It revealed a considerable decline in the number of illegal migrants that cross the border, specifically with Mexico. While this was true to most of the counties in the border states, this signified a research question as the article claimed that tension still remained high. This claim entails research, as to why tension still remained, despite the decrease in crimes related to illegal immigration.

While counties from Arizona and other border states had found an abrupt decline in illegal migration and crimes associated by it, authorities were faced with changes in the type of crime they dealt with, which consequently made the tension still remaining high within the border area. Moreover, the decline in crimes reported related to illegal migration had somewhat been replaced with a serious degree of the criminal acts committed by a different type of illegal alien.

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A different hypothesis or central argument can be drawn out directly from the title of the article. The article’s title failed to contain the word “illegal” together with immigration that would have been clearer for the readers to see the central argument directly from the title.

The Author of the article found an answer to the article’s question from the different sources cited and the data. Initially, the article set up and gathered information regarding the matter, using reliable sources, and ultimately answered the reason for what was really going on. Mr. Allen of Immigration and Customs Enforcement answered this question in the end.

I believe that the study was worth doing in two ways: first, the facts gathered from sources regarding the steep decline in illegal migrants crossing the border along with the falling of the crime rates were proved to be not enough to lessen the tension within the area. This alone posed curiosity to the readers. Secondly, the article implied something more serious than what is currently happening within the border states. It is true that the abrupt decline in illegal migrants and its associated crimes implied something more important n in the United States. Referring to Mr. Allen, it is employment that draws illegal migrants to cross the border from Mexico. Beyond all doubt, this is definitely true. In a simple cause-and-effect concept, this decline in illegal migration can be attributed to the growing unemployment facing the United States nowadays. The issue of illegal migration had been going on for many decades. However, there is something new when the author talked about its sharp decline in five years, and much more to the factors that can be attributed to its decline. I may have found something unique about this study; that this is an article that revealed and supported other news and studies regarding the problem facing the United States today – unemployment. When the article talked about the development of another type of illegal alien carrying illegal drugs, this wasn’t new and is actually going on for many years, along with the illegal migration.

The article highlighted several main points. It showed the steep decline in the number of illegal migrants crossing the border, along with the big drops in crimes associated with illegal immigration.

At the same time as federal agents found fewer drop houses and decreasing illegal crossers, they were worried about the changes in the type of crimes they now confront. Illegal crossers became smaller in numbers, but were more determined and potentially dangerous. In response to this, Ms. Brewer was pushing the fight over a law of the state that would give new powers the police to arrest anyone who was suspected of being illegal immigrant.

Authorities found a different type of illegal alien carrying illegal drugs with the intention of handing it off to a courier in the United States, and returning quickly to Mexico. Following that, was a shocking arrest of a high school student carrying nearly four pound of heroin and an alarming increase in attacks by migrants on border agents.

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Although authorities were confident on handling illegal migrants, as they were decreasing, Mr. Allen cautioned on its resurgence.

The literature review done for the article was comprehensive. It utilized interviews and meetings from persons that were involved and were best to answer questions regarding the issue. The article even mentioned a politician and her stand about the issue at hand. Moreover, it made use of comparison in terms of the timeframe. It compared what happened several years ago with what happened currently, which shows the difference. The sources cited were authorities from different counties that had significant contribution to the development of the article. The author did a great job in finding different sources for her article that eventually came up with a balanced outcome without biases. The use of different sources may mean different ideas and the article is not an exemption. The author gathered information from these sources and combined to analyze a thought. This resulted into a comprehensive study of a specific issue.

In almost every paragraph, the author leaned on an idea of a source or sources. Such is a very fair method of developing and conveying an idea or a thought.

The author’s method of collecting and analyzing the data was innovative and systematic. After laying down the main idea of the article, the author then collected information from appropriate persons that could support the idea. In addition, the author referred to the timeline and utilized comparison, in order to demonstrate changes in findings from past to the present.

Replicating the study would be an easier job for me, since the author already had the sources. If I replicated the study, I would do it briefly and concisely. After laying down the main idea of the article, I would arrange findings from the sources with similar ideas. For instance, the sources claiming of a decline in illegal migration and the decrease in crime rates can be mentioned in consecutive paragraphs. Contrasting claims, such as those from Ms. Brewer and Mr. Ahern can be put in a simplified paragraph, in order to illustrate disparity. Apart from these changes, the author and I were on the same idea of article construction. 

Actually, there were several variables or shifts in ideas, right from the beginning of the article until the end. The primary idea of the steep decline in the number of migrants that crossed the border illegally and the significant decrease in crime rates in most border counties eventually shifted. From one source, for instance, the decrease in illegal crossers brought about worrisome changes in the type of crimes authorities confront. At this point, the primary idea shifted into another idea. The author, at this part, cited several sources that would support this new thought. She then cited that from the Chief Deputy Rothrock and Chief Kirkham of their respective claims that they were dealing with a different type of illegal alien bringing in illegal drugs from Mexico. At the latter part of the article, the author tried to look at the alternative points of view, when she cited the report from an F.B.I. agent who claimed of an alarming increase in attacks by migrants on the border agents.

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Ultimately, the author weighed down the idea that federal officials were confident in the progress that they had on handling illegal migrants, from that of Mr. Allen to not be overconfident and be cautious for its resurgence.

The findings of the study significantly helped the author in expressing the thesis. Without the sources, the author’s goal or central idea would be a hollow declaration. The author found support through the use of approximately eight sources in a very short article. She used these sources in order to sustain the idea of the article until the end.

The data gathered extensively supported the article’s goal and were taken straight from Arizona and other counties in the border states. These places had noticed the drastic changes in the decline of illegal migrants crossing the border and the decrease in crime rates. These sources should be taken from anywhere else, other than the concerned places, and the findings of the study would question the article’s validity.

There was actually a twist from the beginning of the article and the end. The tension referred to in the beginning of the article was not the same as the tension in the conclusion part. The tension was firstly seen to be the seriousness of the crime committed by the illegal aliens, notwithstanding their smaller numbers. In the latter part, such tension was built on the alarming increasing attacks by migrants on border agents. As the article looked ahead, another tension was about to go back. This was the same tension that would arise by the time the United States economy gets better – rising illegal immigrants. The author effectively arranged her earlier evidences through the findings in the intent of coming up with a perfect conclusion. The author believed in the idea that employment is the driving force behind crossing the border, and that this decline in numbers of illegal immigrants was the result of the current unemployment in the United States. I truly support this idea of the author.

The author left the prospective readers on a very serious matter implicated at the end of the article. She quoted a couple of responding lines from one of her sources, Mr. Allen, who marked an end to the article. The last two lines of the article were saved in the last part, because those were the best pieces that addressed the implications of these findings. Mr. Allen had been mentioned earlier in the article, but was quoted again in the conclusion. I believe this approach is done very well.

One of the strengths of the article was the timeframe of the data gathered. The article contains the recent facts and numbers from the countries and states, which can then be used by future studies in similar subjects. In addition, these recent facts and numbers helped reveal the current situation of the issue surrounding illegal migration.

The article also counted on reports from the federal officials who were directly involved in the situation. With more than five officials or authorities cited as sources, the study was very well-supported. The study can be quickly conducted and finished, since it involved only counties near the border.

The first limitation of the study was the lesser number of counties included. There are a number of counties located near the border of the U.S. and Mexico. The article was only limited to the counties mentioned, and therefore, cannot generalize the situation. Situations from other counties not mentioned in the study can have different, if not contrasting, results. 

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