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Bill 104 introduced by Diane Lemieux the Parti Québécois language minister has become a rallying point between the Quebec Court of Appeal, the Quebec government and other concerned parties. The bill was meant to close up the ambiguity in the Bill 101 that makes a child as well as his sibling at liberty to attend English public school after a short period in the private English school.  This loophole was a get through channel by English proficient speakers and immigrants to access education equality in the Quebec schools.

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The act of the Quebec government filling an appeal to defend a law that the tax payers feel is a threat to their freedom is unwelcome to many citizens yet the same government bitterly complains when the English-language school boards try to fight for the rights of the majority. If there is need by the government to have the country as an Anglophone minority, then it should do so using other means without interfering with the federal rights charter which gives rights to children who have attended English-language schools in Canada an access to Quebec English-language public schools. In a free democratic society, this restriction is not reasonable; otherwise the government should develop was that the English speaking citizens should adopt if there is need to preserve and promote the French culture. Children who have English as their first language find it difficult to compete favorably with their French speaking counterparts in schools since they have to take extra time to adopt into a new language in order to understand  instructions. Therefore this is a form of discriminative culture that should be done away with.

On the other hand, we cannot say that the bill is a whiff of mean spiritedness since the government feels that it's a threat to its culture to allow other cultures dominate and abuse the its language culture. This is not all about race issue but about preserving the Quebec language culture. However the Montreal Island MNAs, have portrayed a sense of meanness by keeping quiet on this issue yet it is widely debated on yet some of them are Anglophones elected by  their fellow Anglophones who wonder why they say nothing about the issue.

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