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Bill Gates remains the greatest icon and powerful figure that every young man would want to emulate, every reporter would want to interview. He is one of the most significant persons in the world. He is cofounder of one of the most renowned trademarks in the computer industry with virtually every desk top computer using at least one software program from his company. Bill Gates was born in 1955 at Seattle, Washington by William H. and Mary Maxwell Gates. His father was a prominent attorney and his mother was a teacher at University of Washington regent, and chairwoman of United Way International. The family was upper class and the parents intended him to pursue law. He was enrolled at a preparatory school called Lakeside School.

Gates started programing while he was in the eighth grade when the Mothers club at Lakeside bought the students an ASR- 33 teletype terminal and a block of computer time on a General Electric (GE). Interestingly Gates was exempted from mathematics classes so as he could pursue programming. He programmed the GE system in BASIC. In 1973 Gate graduated and scored 1590 points in SAT out of a possible 1600 and later enrolled at Harvard College in the same year. While in Harvard Gates together with Paul Allen got a chance to start their own software company. Gates parents backed him so much seeing the desire he had in starting his own company and the considerable amount of time he took in computers. Gate did not see the completion of his college education as he quit college to partner with Paul Allen to form Microsoft.

Gates is married to Melinda gates and they have three children. He was publicly acknowledged a billionaire in the magazine Forbes' 400 Richest People in America issue. Since then he has severally been featured as one of the world richest individual and often as the richest man. Gates' affluence momentarily exceeded $101 billion, initiating the media to call him a "cent-billionaire". Aside from being one of the world richest persons and a business's man Gates has considerable interest in charity. This has initiated the inception of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has a benefaction of not less than $28 billion, with donations accumulation more than $1 billion every single year.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was formed in 2000 with an aim of bringing health and educational innovations to the global community, after assimilation of the "Gates Learning Foundation" and "William H. Gates Foundation". For instance in the July of 2000 John Hopkins University received a five-year, $20 million endowment to study whether or not low-priced vitamin and mineral pills can assist protect lives in unfortunate nations. Harvard University's School of Public Health in November 2000 stated it had received $25 million from the foundation to study AIDS prevention in Nigeria. The foundation has donated more than $800 million to charities.

Gates stepped down in 2008 June as the CEO and from day to day activities of Microsoft so as to have more time for Bill and Melinda Gates foundation though he still remain the chairman of Microsoft. With yearly income of more than $32 billion, Microsoft Corporation is superbly more the than the biggest software establishment in the sphere. The corporation's fundamental commerce is centered on developing, manufacturing, and licensing software products, comprising operating systems, server applications, commerce and consumer applications, and application development tools, as well as Internet applications, technologies, and facilities.

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Under the steering of Bill Gates Microsoft has flourished in inserting at least one of its products on practically every personal computer in the world, setting industry ideals and defining markets in the course. Microsoft inception was a result of a partnership between Gates and Allen, in which they were to distribute the Altair BASIC interpreter for MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems) the creators of microcomputers. The trademark originally was coined to mean microcomputers software. It was legally registered with the Office of the secretary of state of New Mexico in November 26, 1976 and had its first offices located in Albuquerque. Later in 1976 Microsoft became a separate entity from the MITS and advanced its quest for developing programming language applications for a variety of systems. Quite strikingly during its early years Gates wrote the codes and oversaw the company's business details, he also reviewed the codes that the company produced and even revised the codes.

The International Business Machine partnered with Microsoft in 1980 to write the Basic interpreter for the IBM personal computer. At this period Microsoft struck a deal with Seattle Computer Products (SCP) to become the exclusive licensee of the operating system 86-DOS which was later acquired by Microsoft and sold to IBM as PC-DOS. Microsoft took new grounds in computer technology and was restructured in June 25, 1981, Bill Gates as the President and Chairman and Paul Allen as the Vice President. There were more than 128 employees by then and total revenue of $16million. Later in 1983 Allen resigned as the vice president after diagnosis with an illness though he remained in the board of directors

In 1983 Microsoft introduced a word processing program, Word 1.0, in an effort to supersede WordStar. It was less expensive and more users customized. However, it did not blend into the market as expected as it surpassed by WordPerfect. The release of Word version 3.0 in 1986 was successful at which point the application became Microsoft's best-seller. Initially, Microsoft was not successful in its products but ultimately developed to dominate. During the development of Apple's Macintosh computer Microsoft worked closely with the Apple Company, which was introduced in 1984. Innovatory in its strategy, the Mac contained a graphical user interface built on icons rather than the typed instructions used by the IBM PC, thus its programs were simple to use and easy to learn.

Persuaded that the Mac's graphical user interface epitomized the imminent of end-user applications, Gates pursued to create an interface manager to work on top of MS-DOS that would convert the operating system to a graphical model that would be user-friendly and provide a single method for interacting with the many non-standardized programs designed to run on the system. He lobbied with computer manufacturers such as Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, Digital Equipment Corporation, and others who declared their support for the project, called Microsoft Windows, which was released in 1985. For the first time in 1986 the Microsoft stock went public each share selling at $21. In 1987, the company's first CD-ROM application was released. The company introduced its Windows NT in1993 and in 2001 it Microsoft Windows XP and many more software that are more complicated and user friendly continues to dominate the market.

Windows Server 2003 release is one of the leading software development project in the company's history to date that has backed the company's growth. Windows Server 2003 was more consistent, more convenient, and more cooperative piece of software. It was also more secure and tighter, particularly owing to a recently constructed IIS (Internet Information Server) Web Server. In the year 2004 the company was with more than 56,000 personnel and projected year-end incomes of up to $38 billion, Microsoft persists to hold a solid central in the computer software industry. With a prominence on unceasing innovation--including such business products as the BizTalk Server 2004--further success appeared safeguarded. Currently Microsoft has become largely successful with annual revenue of over US$ 60.42 billion and over 90,000 employees, it has become a multinational company with branches in over 105 nations. Microsoft holds 90 per cent of the market dominance and has careful strategy of averting opponents from accomplishing product to the market.

The Microsoft business and product strategy has been Gates chief responsibility starting from its inception in1975 until 2006. Gates had an eye for detail and he aggressively expanded the variety of products that the company dealt with in addition he assertively defended any grounds that the company dominated. It's also recorded that he was distant and unfriendly towards other people and has even been named as being notorious since he did not maintain any contacts. He frequently held meetings with senior managers and program managers in the company. He is accounted to be a tough boss, whom you really have to dig deep to please at the same time and earnestly defending your proposals and projects until he is fully convinced. He did not tolerate procrastination and has been quoted sarcastically saying "I will do that over the weekend" Gates' part at Microsoft was primarily an administration and executive role. Nevertheless, he was a dynamic software developer in the early years of Microsoft.

Bill Gates was able to efficaciously take the company into its bearing through his leadership style and management practice which are exceptional and legendary. He is a firm believer in control which is so much evident in his management strategy. He is fanatical with detail and follow-through. He holds that managers must be assessed and appraised in relation of their individual impact on the organization. Therefore he expected each one of them to act on their own as little CEOs in their capacity and department, thereby accountable, independent and innovative. Additionally he dealt with subordinates the same manner he dealt with his management team too unfortunate for him he knew no other way to deal with them. Unlike many subtle CEOs Gates rewarded his personnel quite heavily just as he would reward himself. He was a firm believer in financial incentives.


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