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The film black hawk down revolves around a plotting that depicts a real war situation in the horn of Africa's country of Somalia whereby US delta force soldiers among other troops try to capture two senior affiliates of warlord Mohammed Farah Aided. The operation was slated for half an hour but was turned into a rescue operation that lasted for more than 18 hours after Somali militiamen attacked two of the Black hawk helicopters using RPG's (Kaus). The operation was led by General F.G. Williams on a supposed Bakaara market on the outskirts of Mogadishu. Apart from the considerable applause from viewers of the film, there is also enough criticism as regards to the issue of US soldiers emerging victorious on this occasion and therefore translating to a spread of propaganda. In reality, the US soldiers were rescued by UN forces and Malaysian soldiers played greater roles than were stipulated in the movie. These amounts of propaganda were consequently used to influence the mental status of the masses as pertains to the image of war (Constantine).

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Soldiers being used in a movie can easily be used to change the perception of war as they communicate messages that are authentic to war and are symbolic of political spheres. Heroism on the side of American soldiers is easily absorbed by viewers and so is the perception for mass murder, hatred for America and intense sacrifice in war absorbed. At one point, the message relayed in the movie is of questionable quality as the receiver does not need much knowledge to pinpoint fake Somali decent depiction by African American actors in the film (Constantine). However, the movie is able to persuade viewers into believing that Somali people are less informed and stupid for fighting the Americans despite being provided with aid. In reality, the Somali people had their interests misrepresented as most parts of the film as written in the original script were omitted.  In conclusion, the film is instrumental in yet another influential tactic by the entertainment industry in brainwashing the masses' thoughts on war.

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