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Free «Black in Latin America» Essay Sample

The film is a documentary by Professor Gates who is trying to analyze the lives and history of the African descendants in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Gates refers to the island from a Dominican point of view as “Hispaniola”. This Island is shared by two countries; these are Haiti and the Dominican Republic. In his documentary Gates tries to show how racism has been planted in a society that once shared the same history and culture to a situation whereby the Dominicans want to be associated with the white, though they look black, and the Haitians are proud to be associated with their African ancestral roots. After watching the film I felt very embarrassed on realizing how racism has been planted into our societies to an extent of having discriminations based on ancestry backgrounds.  

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The film clearly illustrates that both the Haitians and the Dominicans have an African ancestry.  The film also shows that Dominicans and the Haitians have long history whereby they even intermarried with one another. I am shocked to see how people from these two countries discriminate one another on the basis of skin color. I am happy that Haiti is proud to have an African ancestry and my worry is to the Dominican Republic that though has skin color and history that link them with Africa still want to behave and be associated with the whites especially from Spain. After watching this documentary by Gates, it is evident to me that even in this period and time issues of racial discrimination are common in our societies. There are societies and people who still believe that to be associated with a certain race makes one a better person. It is very unfortunate that the Dominicans do not accept their African ancestry.


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