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In chapter nine of the book Building Trust in Government, by G. Shabbir, the virtue of trust has been used to cub moral degradation in the modern society. It emphasizes on the need to have a good government that is believed to boost the trust that exists between people, (Shabbir & Vesselin, 2010). It is, furthermore, stressed that trust has the ability to conquer indifferences in the society. With trust few cases of corruption, unfair distribution of resources and other social evils others will be heard of.

Trust and politics, as Shabbir & Vesselin, (2010) say, are two things that are two diverse elements. It is believed that in politics, no trust can be natured. However, politics can receive the trust it desires from the public. This is by practicing the virtue of respect. It builds up the confidence that the people have in their politics. This respect can be shown by making sure that all complaints presented to the table are put into consideration. This complaints increase the interaction of the public with their government. Eventually, a very democratic state will have been creates. A state supported by pillars of trust and respect. Democracy also plays a very big role in the upholding of trust. This is by giving people some power, especially the people that have few resources under their power.

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During campaigns, when politics are seeking for political support from citizens, they are restricted from using the power to quench the thirst for richness. They are able to refrain form any activities that can be termed as corruption, (Shabbir & Vesselin, 2010). Even after election, the elected politician can be trusted to lead in just ways. This can be seen through the criteria they opt to use in resource distribution. In the process, the government's capability is boosted and so is the confidence of the citizens. The government is able to spread its wings and become of great service to the whole nation. This will ensure decentralization of government is noted. All in all, this chapter attributes this wonderful deed to the virtues of trust, (Shabbir & Vesselin, 2010).

Recent cases noted are the reforms made in Japan after the government noted the decline in the people's trust toward the government. This was after the fall in stock markets are mismanagement of government funds. To cub this, the government came up with a law that would ensure that all leaders take on their duties seriously. It also stated those public officials are servants of the citizens.

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