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The article titled “can money be a force for good” has exemplified a number of issues that show that money can be used to gain or get anything that man may need for his own well being and the wellbeing of the society at large.  First and foremost, we can say that money is an element or property that many people long to posses and use it for various purposes.  Money is one of the substances that have and continue to make many people to acquire what they need be it education, property, food, power, submission and many other human needs ranging between those that are of need to those that are of leisure and pleasure (Schmitt, 13-21).

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 With leadership and power, money has been on the use by many people and the political leaders as they see it as a good source of power and submission from the people. One of the surprising things concerning money is the fact that the much a person has, the more he or she will continue to want and be in an urge for more and more. In this case, the poor will continue to support the rich for them to acquire what they want or desire to get in life (Schmitt, 13-21).

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As we can see from the election campaign that is taking place and how the people are responding to it, money is being used with a vista of acquiring what one needs in life. First and foremost, the people have a total trust upon money that they are using it as the only kind of a support that they can give to their candidates for them to participate well and finally win the general elections. The voters would see it very necessary that they contribute money to their candidates as soon as the candidate is in need. It is evident that without the financial support that their people are giving to the candidates, most of them would not have done well in the election. This would have probably brought nothing good to the voters and the entire electorate. It is therefore evident that money can be used to bring good things to the people.

As seen in the time of campaign and even before the period of choosing or voting has drawn near, the politicians and the congress members are at a point of looking for ways and means of getting money in order to finance their campaign movements(Schmitt, 13-21). The likes of the candidate Hillary Clinton is involved in some activities that are engaged in soliciting for financial support from the supporting members and all the other well wishers.  In this case, they are seeing this as the only way the people can provide assistance to the candidates. Moreover, the candidates are driven by their need for the campaign money that they have to convince even the smaller contributors so they are able to get the maximum of what they are in need of. Mr. Obama and his counterpart Hillary are involved in particular strategies that are aimed at making sure that almost all of the willing candidates are able to have their contributions get to the candidate. They therefore see this as the only way that their campaign strategies and plans get underway before they win and bring back good deliveries to the people. They use almost all the possible ways that they can for their voters to have their contributions, for instance, they are using the modern methods as the internet and the radio broadcasts in order to reach to their supporters.

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As much as the candidates are spending a lot of money in their campaign schemes, they belief that by using the money they are able to have a hold of their voters and never let go of them. The voters on the other hand are seen having large contributions on their candidates in order for them to have a win of the election (Schmitt 13-21).

In the side of one of the candidates, Obama, his supporters are able to make a history by contributing the largest ever contribution that had been contributed to any candidate in the past. He has it that he will win the election having seen the contribution that the supporters had contributed. On the contrary, the law against the use of money during the campaign period is overlooked and attributed as people’s democratic right to have them make contributions to their preferred candidates. This actually is referred to as one of the brighter days in the history of the United States democracy. The people are thus able to turn out in large numbers during the campaign day and are able to vote to their preferred candidate as they financially supported them. There is therefore the need to have and enable the smaller donors to contribute to their preferred candidates.

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