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1. The author of the reading explains the death penalty problem, the differences in views on it, and the way to the solution of this issue. The writer cites many sources to intensify the opinions with pros or cons, which are being the valid arguments but reflect just the most widespread and logical position. Among the most logical evidences are the statements of the unfair use of racism and political discrimination, innocent victims’ killings, and the abolition of the death penalty in many countries. These arguments are confirmed by the facts and history and the most commonly known and undoubted. There is a quotation of the death penalty protagonist on killing an offender as rudely as possible, and killing every one being against the capital punishment. These are just bare words without any facts and remain as just an expressive and aggressive statement of someone unknown. The author forces the readers to contemplate such important items as the effectiveness of death penalties, the impacts on the crimes committed, the prevention and abolition of the capital punishment, the rudeness and malevolence of it. The cultural traditions and social impact are the most sudden and open questions to readers. After reading, any before indifferent reader will choose his position. This is due to the fact that the author’s point of view is clear; he is against this kind of murder and passionately wishes it to be abolished in the USA.

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The death penalty prohibition is being discussed all over the world. More than 51% of countries have abolished it. Some countries use the capital punishment just for the exceptional crimes. 25% of countries permit its use but have not used it for 10 years already, but 21% of states maintain this punishment in law and practice. Among the last ones, there are 33 states in the USA, the countries of South Eurasia and some African countries. Every year, more and more countries take the decision to omit the capital punishment, and the United States is on its way also.

The information given to readers emphasizes the perversity of electrocutions and gas killing in death penalties, a deviance of punishment defenders being focused more on the malevolence the defender had done and on the public safety than individual rights. But the most substantial is the understanding of social sources of crimes and an attempt to prevent them. This issue is put on everyone’s responsibility.

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2. Andrew Jarecki directed the documentary Capturing the Friedmans composing the relatives’, victims’ and the police staff’s video interviews with the amateur home video records. The director does not take someone’s side he just gives different for and against arguments. Many of these arguments are just the subjective points of view taken into consideration. Among all available evidences the most real are the collection of children pornographic journals found in the kitchen, the study of piano and the research behind it, the complex relations with a wife and the friendly communication with three sons during a long teaching practice. These facts are proved by such evidences as the crime investigation photos and the family video archives.

Except the main question of guiltiness of Arnold Friedman through the testimonies of main characters, the other more important questions occur. When has the disorder started? What should be done to prevent the one’s family from such related disorders? Every watcher of this documentary will ask him whether Arnold was guilty, and why did the teacher collect these pornographic magazines? Did his son help him? Were the testimonies of the computer class pupils true? Were these defenders judged fairly?

The problem of sexual harassment is felt sharply today. Sometimes the important cases are delayed when innocent victims may be convicted. From time to time this is really hard to find the truth because of the lack of evidences and witnesses. Many countries try to improve the law to protect the victims at home and at their working places. As a rule, children and women suffer the most often.

With this documentary, Andrew Jarecki broadens the readers’ understanding of a teacher and the relative perversity and deviance. This stimulates to analyze own situations at school and home to prevent from danger because the social control is not all-seeing, and everyone should be on check every time. The direct evidence is the passion of the honorable teacher and the father of three sons to magazines with the children’s pornography. This is undeniable although has remained unnoticeable for a long time.

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