Free «Child counseling and Psychology» Essay Sample

1.      What formal assessment of Sarah and others would be undertaken? Why?
First and foremost to deal with this case effectively, investigations and assessments must be done on how or what influenced Sarah to behavior in this manner.  There are several reasons or causes of Sarah’s behavior when considering her little age. Some reasons might be; she has encountered some people somewhere who say or do sexually related acts. The family state itself is the main cause which has engineered Sarah’s behavior. Then, the behavior of their mother whom they spend a lot of time with should be evaluated to determine how they relate with the man she has befriended. The children have liked him fast because he might be doing what their father was not doing while together with their mum. As this man Sam visits them and their mother, what goes on and how do they behave in front of these two children? This is more important because psychologically girls are influenced by the behaviors of their fathers. Then she should be monitored and assessed in school to know what kind of friends or groups she belongs to. The behavior she exhibits denotes that she might have been in company of aged students in the public school. Another part that must be assessed is based on time in which both parents spend with their children. Time together with children might have been forgotten because both parents are working and worse they are separated such that they do not assist each other to provide basic needs for their children. The living condition is another factor to be considered for the reason that they may be sharing one room with their parents. Sarah’s dad lives in a unit which demonstrates the conditions the children are living in. It is also important to assess the behavior of Sarah’s brother. This will provide clues on Sarah’s behavior because the brother Todd might have been the first to start and probably he may be worse. The sole reason why to do all this assessments or investigations is to establish the cause of Sarah’s behavior. It will also predetermine the style and or techniques to use to solve this crisis. It is a crisis considering Sarah’s age.
2.      Who else should be involved in the program?
After initial investigations or assessment on the probable causes of the behavior, it is important to bring some people onboard to solve the problem. Sarah’s father is number one, the mother, their mother’s friend Sam and Todd the brother to Sarah. Other important players include Sarah’s class teacher, school counselor and even the head teacher. The head teacher comes in such that to know and curb the spread of the behavior among school children. With all these people the problem will be easier to handle and solve.
3.      What are some of the strategies and techniques would be used as a counselor to gain cooperation from the family members?
As a counselor there are so many techniques that should be employed to acquire cooperation from all these people. First, it will be wise to seek the way forward from each member of the family separately so that members will be able to reveal what might have conspired to have the young Sarah behave in this manner. The report each member says should be kept in secret, that is, no any other member of the family should know what the others have said or revealed. Secondly, counseling techniques are applicable at this point. The counseling techniques that are supportive and challenging. The techniques not abound include; questioning skill which helps the members of the family to talk more about themselves; focusing whereby any member who may want to drift away from the main issue is confined within the topic. The most important technique is listening and should be active listening which may be expressed better through body language, the skill will enable me as the counselor to understand better and establish the rapport necessary to solve the crisis. Other skills that may be used in this case include; self disclosure technique that allows the counselor to share personal experiences relating to the problem and advance level empathy which involves listening and responding, which will enable family members to think deeply about what has confronted them. However, the family members should be counseled separately to respect privacy of other family members.
4.      What conclusions reached about the case and what is to be done now?
There are very many assumptions that are adopted from Sarah’s case and some of them are true. For instance, parents have exposed their children to earlier knowledge of sexuality through their behaviors while they cohabit. These kind of children should be having separate rooms and be prevented from sleeping in their parent(s)’ bedroom. It will be wise also to monitor their companies while in school and in the neighborhood. It is also important to allow and authorize the teacher and the parents to be mandatorily reporting and exchanging opinions on the behavior of these children. This will prevent teacher-parent(s) conflict and foist warmer relationship so as to tackle this crisis. However, it is paramount to note that Sarah is very young to be interviewed especially when such behavior has been noted.  To prevent this behavior earlier parents should be put into task of attending to and listen to their children exhaustively and also be reminded that time together with their children is very essential during the development of a child. Sarah is able to change because of her age but this is another sign that she will mature quickly (earlier maturity).

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