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Today’s media systems are practically different from that of the ones present during the past 15 years. At present, media presents a more sophisticated system of affecting the lives of human individuals in the present civilization of human race. Definitely, with the existence of modern technology, mass media has even taken a greater step towards adverse progress that increases the capability of the said measures to step up the effect that they have on the human society. This fact has been practically proven over time. It could not be denied that their understanding of the idea that defines their continuous influence on the human race could be seen through the developments of the younger generation that includes both their attitudes and their definition on what technology and mass media is as part of their lives. (Schor, 426)

In the discussion that follows, it could be observed that somehow, the implication of modern mass media in the lives and the developments of children at present shall be better expressed for the readers to understand. Through the use of journals and several other secondary resources, the discussion of these issues shall be better presented in a way that is both effective and definitely considerate of the values that most parents are concerned with today.

This piece of writing shall also define the role of mass media to the society and how it shapes the modern generation of human individuals who are practically given particular attention in this writing. In order to speak of the basic truths that identify the essential fact behind the options of mass media acceptance among children, their attitude towards material possessions shall be better clarified in this writing. How does mass media affect this issue and how much control should be implied to balance the effect of the said measure towards the attitudes and the understanding of the young generation towards the implicative influence that mass media marketing is making on the minds of the children.

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What is Mass Media?

Mass media is basically the collective consideration implied when referring to matters that include the ways of informing the public. Mediums used to share issues and definite reactions with regards topics that concern the greater public are under the scope of mass media. The target of these mediums is the masses (Schor 428). From the term itself, mass media notes the effective approach in creating possible ways that identify the need to inform and the possibilities of being informed.

The collection of mediums used to impose mass distribution of information includes published magazines and books, television and audio systems, and now, the internet. Most people today enjoy having all these informative materials that allows them to get hold of the hottest information there is in the world (Schor, 427). Most likely, this set of information contains one particular factor that fuels its success, advertising.

For many years, advertising has been used to present a more definitive way that could assist the operators of mass media to completely arrange their ways to create possible developments in their systems of passing on information to the public (McNeal, et al, 337). Definitely, it is through this that the creation of progressive mass media has been given birth as well. If one would observe, every type of mass media material inculcates the different advertisements that are created to impose attention on certain products sold by the companies controlling the funding for the production of such mediums of information. (McNeal, et al, 338)

This is one particular reason why mass media is considered at present as the most influential options used by advertisers to get consumers widely affected by their ads. This especially adds the existence of television marketing and that of the internet-ad production. The study of Juliet Schor on the Decommercialization of Childhood indicates the different ways by which mass media has been used to affect the lives and the perspectives of human individuals towards the numerous products that they are promoting for public consumption.

It could not be denied that somehow, people are directly affected by what they see and the most vulnerable audience to this is that of the children. With the hectic schedule that parents have at present, it could be observed that there are situations when children are left alone in their homes with their caregivers or their nannies. With the many home chores that the nannies have to do, these children are left in front of the televisions watching shows that are at times not given particular attention by the older individuals who are with them. This then makes them well familiarized with the products advertised in the television that creates a definite effect on them. But this truth is only applicable to children ages three to five. What about the older ones?

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With children aged eight to ten, their familiarity with promotional advertisements certainly affect their views with the existence of several material things offered to them by the world. The children within this age bracket are usually already mingling with their peers at school and within other group institutions that they are involved with. This interconnection with others then involves then to peer pressure. (Schlor 424)

Peer pressure is known to be one of the most effective approaches used by advertisers to increase the influence that they have on their consumers. How is this so? When one has it, everybody has to have it. That is one particular fact that advertisers depend upon. Truthfully, it is through this that the advertising companies are able to target their age demographic bracket in a massive way. Once the effect of influence is instantiated, the level of consumer perception is affected by the pursuance of others towards the others to buy what they actually want and not necessarily the things that they need.

This is specifically effective with young children aged eight towards twelve. The pressures that they receive from school due to their peers having the gadgets that they do not have prompts them to ask their parents for more. Model gadgets that include celphones, ipods, laptos, PSPs and other gaming gadgets are now found in the hands of children. Parents on the other hand are forced to buy these material things just to provide their children the satisfaction that they need to have from the products released to the market for consumption. Are these gadgets necessary? As noted from the past, with children who are more dedicated and are more well defined when it comes to physical development, these gadgets of modern times are exceptionally non-essential.

The human understanding of needs is definitely exchanged for their understanding of their wants due to the increased effect of mass media into their lives. Considerably, the effect of mass media towards the lives of developing human generations changes not only their views of living itself but also their attitudes on materialism. This is the reason why it is very important for the older generations to pass through the need to give attention to the growing changes that the young generation is experiencing in connection to the influential effects of mass media to their lives.

 A Good Side of the Story

The early 1900’s had become the beginning of the educational and instructional revolution. Actually, the use of technology was first used for military purposes. During the World War I, military men should always be updated on food shortages and other war effects on civilians (Roblyer, 121). These informations were presented using electronic devices. Aside from this, Instructional technology also offered a lot of profit-giving opportunities to many factory owners when it came to incorporating labor within the company through systematic designs of  strategies in getting people to work for them.

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Through all these, a question on the reality of what Instructional Technology is could be raised. Instructional technology simply refers to the systematic and scientific implementation of advanced technology within the systems of educating people. It could be in a visual or and audio form. Today, the most effective technological device used in instructing almost all people of all races and ages is the World Wide Web.

Instructional technology is the more specific part of the broader scope of educational technology. And along the way, instructional technology too had been subdivided into two major areas of concern. The said two areas are the teaching of technology and another is learning through technology (Ely and Plomp, 18, 19). The teaching of technology is merely related to the ways in which technology such as computers and the Internet are introduced to learners as well as making this technologies be a part of their learning process. This brings the process to the second area that is “learning from technology”. (L.Sharp, 323)

“Learning from Technology” involves the usage of technological devices in the instructional process of educators (L Sharp, 323). Now, it is much obvious how universities and even individual or freelance educators use the net to educate their students. The “World Wide Web sure helps in reaching and giving education to those who are not able to attend school due to some circumstances they have in life” (Ely & Plomp, 15). In this regard, education and mental training are successfully transformed in becoming a vital part of one’s living.

To many students, instructional technology proves to be an effective way of teaching. Although to many educators as mentioned earlier, this factor of technological change eliminates the existence of human intervention in education. Yet, some educators too, think otherwise. For the said educators who are favourable of instructing students through the net, they believe that using the newest provisions of technology had made them more productive and effective in teaching students (Ely, et al, 321). These contradicting views of Instructional Technology continue to plague the world of academics.

It is not only through instructional matters that technology attacks the matter by which intend to share and receive information for the sake of learning (Ely, et al, 332). It is also obvious that the same genre of communication devices open up larger ways in which children are able to cheat through the said devices. As noted earlier, everything in the system of information sharing as well as communication enhancement became much technically advanced that even cheating follows through the trend.

More than that, advanced technology too increases the chances of children giving less attention to their studies. Online games and downloadable gaming systems that could be installed in ipods and cellphones are now plaguing the field of learning institutions all over the world. The process by which educators deal with this issue is indeed a challenge on the part of instructors in terms of the way that they should treat the pros and cons of technology as it becomes involved in. Likely, the process of making technology work and limiting its powers to the studies and learning of the students is a rather huge challenge for today’s teaching agents, the instructors.

Creating the Needed Balance

As it could be observed, there are both negative and positive effects to mass media commercialization to students that affect the level of understanding they have towards the importance of technology and the importance of traditional learning and traditional living that basically assisted the older generation into becoming more concerned about the development of things rather than simply staying in their sits practically comfortable with whatever they have (Schor 429). Technology and its advancements are never bad. In fact, these particular developments impose progress on the lives of human individuals.

Considerably though, when pursued as items for commercialization that targets the younger generation, technology becomes a boon that simply brings about chaos in the learning and development process of children (Schor 429). This is the reason why it is very important that people be able to find the best ways possible to make the vision of children towards these products and advertising a balanced manner of seeing how things ought to be accepted by the current generations of well developed human individuals. This balance of views could actually eliminate the possibility of children being blinded by the advertising industry to buy items that they are not necessarily in need of. (Schor 428)


Smart as they are, the current generation of children still need the guidance that they require as they handle their desires and wants. When it comes to dealing with the machinations of advertising, parents should be well endowed with the knowledge that they need to handle their responsibility of protecting their children from being directly influenced by the things that are existing around them. Helping them handle peer pressure is also one way to deal with the situation. This approach would not only help them avoid the snares of unneeded buying but would also assist them later on in facing the larger scopes of peer pressure that they should be specifically aware of. Help them balance their views towards advertising, commercialization and technology and help them see their future in a better vision.

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