Free «Critical Review of a Dental Journal» Essay Sample

This essay would utilize the article by the title Contemporary Dental Photography: Selection and Application. Douglas A. Terry, Stephen R. Snow, and Edward A. McLaren wrote the article with the objective of illustrating the manner in which technology has contributed to the field of dentistry.

This essay presents a summary and critical review of the article Contemporary Dental Photography: Selection and Application.

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Technology has played an instrumental role in contributing to the field of dentistry. It has enhanced photography in the field of dentistry hence revolutionizing the ways clinicians, diagnose, treat and communicate to their patients.  Terry, Snow, & McLaren (2012) assert that clinicians can also share vital dental information among themselves because of the improved level of photography in the field of dentistry. Clinicians must be careful to select and apply a reliable camera system that would suit the needs of their patients effectively. They would diagnose and treat patients effectively in cases where they apply the required camera system. The digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera system has significant components that can help dentists to diagnose and treat patients according to the requirements.  Terry, Snow, & McLaren (2012) reiterate that dentists must also be careful to obtain a quality image that would ensure they make the right decisions pertaining to the treatment of the patient. Thus, technological developments in photography have vitally enhanced the field of dentistry.

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Critical Review

The article is effective in its presentation of the role of technology in the world of dentistry. It points towards the significance of photography in the field of dentistry today and the manner in which technology played a role in ensuring dentistry moves to another level. It draws the relationship between the two fields in a simpler manner that enables people understand the nexus between technology and dentistry. The article ensures that individuals are able to understand the contributions of technology to the world of dentistry hence boosting the appreciation of both fields. It presents the relationship between technology and the world of dentistry in a chronological manner that creates more understandability and appreciation of technology in the world of dentistry. In line with this, people can understand the way in which the world of dentistry has grown and been revolutionized in line with technologically improved cameras. People can understand the origin and current utilization of the camera through the article’s effective discussion.

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Additionally, the article outlines procedures and measures that dental clinicians must adhere to when utilizing cameras in the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. It is worth noting that the article states the steps and other factors that are supposed to be observed in cases where cameras are used in dental medicine. This ensures that effective service is delivered to dental patients and they are able to recover within the required time.  Terry, Snow, & McLaren (2012) confirm that with the procedures and measures stated, the article tries to avoid instances of poor service delivery due to ineffective diagnosis of dental conditions. It gives guidance to dental clinicians hence ensuring the integrity and the cleanliness of the practice is maintained. Notably, these procedures are vital in leading to effective service and the treatment of dental conditions among patients. Dental clinicians also get a better understanding of the use of cameras in the practice through the stated procedures.

In conclusion, the article Contemporary Dental Photography: Selection and Application highlights the usage of photography in the diagnosis and treatment of different conditions in the world of dentistry. It is a crucial article as it draws the nexus between technology and the field of dentistry. More so, it outlines clear procedures and measures that must be adhered to by dentists to ensure they make effective diagnosis and administer effective treatment to their patients.

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