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Free «Crucifixion-Thematic Exploration of the Early Renaissance» Essay Sample

The life of Christ and his purpose in it has touched many souls not only during his time but also during the current era. Why such interest on the Christ’s existence? With Christianity covering at least 46% of the world population’s religion today, it could not be denied that majority of the people today are touched by the sacrificial noble did that Christ himself has been faced with during his time of being on earth. Whether or not one believes in Christianity, anyone who knows Christ’s story would know that he is the greatest man who ever lived, who did hesitate in offering his life for the sake of saving humankind as per related through bible accounts.

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Considerably, it could not be denied that this particular fact about Christ’s life definitely creates a more sensitive approach in handling the most important issues behind the existence of the different thematic presentations of crucifixion during the early renaissance. Artists during this time have practically used crucifixion as a very interesting piece of inspiration when it comes to defining Christ’s life as well as that of defining the society’s view on politics. Understandably, most of the artists who were interestingly attached to this theme approached their work in different terms.

Some, through the use of extra ordinary colors that bring out the nobility of the theme that is being used and portrayed to the public, are able to insist on the nobility of the person being presented as a symbol of whatever subject the artists might have in mind. The works at Met Museum practically shows the right proof for this characteristic of an art work. The Master of Monte Oliveto’s crucifixion with saint Clane and Francis of Assisi: Scene from the life of the Virgin is one of the most endearing works that brings about the best presentation on the crucifixion of the Christ with the fine taste of artistry and class that has been presented through this particular work.

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