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Miller’s final examples of Descartes Medications on the First philosophy within the passage play a big role in disclosing the importance of search for truth through intensified meditation, reading and writing.  As stressed by Descartes’ examples, Miller helps the readers understand that the world is full of falsehood due to the prevailing illusionary political and religious dogmatism that does not apparently point out to reality and truth in the universe.

The illustrations given by the Descartes extensively support the essay in postulating that mere existence of religion and the traditions is the leading factor that falsely insulates humanity from pursuing truth and reality in the universe. Perceptions of the human physical senses are inclined to make biased orientations of universal truth and reality. Creative thinking and inductive reasoning are the only avenues through which truth could be known. In bid to do this, one has to detach him/herself from the world around, disrepute all the systems of beliefs (both political and religious) and worldviews and embark on reading, writing and meditation.

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As depicted in the essay, the true nature of god can only be known when creatively put his intellect into maximum use. The article is assertive that god speaks to everyone through nature in the universe and each and every individual could wittingly use his intellect and resultant interactions with nature to unearth reality and truth contrary to the common existing common beliefs. Furthermore, subjection to limited beliefs and non profound dogmas held by the theologian leaders swayed majority away from truth.

In the last paragraph, Miller presents a powerful summary that no one should take common beliefs as an absolute truth. Any claims more so from religious theologians should be assumed as an absolute but be subjected to critical meditation.

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