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The main idea in this article is about the way countries in the world have put efforts to advance both in technology and economically. It shows how US and other countries e.g. Russia, china etc have taken measures to improve their economy and influence. One of the key ideas is the concern of security as various countries have produced ammunitions. Questions arise as to why US could not be given mandate to preside on world's security but it is argued that Americans have no permanent enemies and it has no permanent friends either (Condoleezza rice).

Another idea is the growing difference among America, china and Europe where every party is doing its best to advance in technology and economy. They have tried their best to sell their policies to the poor countries so as to keep them under their orbit. The third world countries are the ones which will determine which of these parties will have an upper hand as far as power is concerned.

The article begins with explaining how the Americans view those countries advancing in technology as a minor challenge and fails to understand why it can't be given the mandate to decide on matters of world security. It continues to show the great difference in technological advancement and economy among several competing countries. It ends by explaining how the developing countries are the major determinants on who of the competing nations will be a superpower.

In conclusion I would agree with the author that the third world countries will determine which of the super powers will be on top depending on how they market their policies because the one that will have most of third world countries adopt its policies then it emerges the top. I also agree on the point that there are no permanent enemies neither are there permanent friends because peoples perception changes day by day.


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