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A therapist's work is to counsel patients who need to feel and become better than they were before. A counseling session should not feel like a burden but rather an encouraging means to a positive end. It not only involves talking and listening to one another, but also using external features to help in making the client feel better. Counselors should make use of their environment to run hold their talks smoothly and ensure a positive outcome. Nothing should be overlooked including the counselor's own state of mind. While taking all the elements that help create a comfortable environment into mind, it is important to remember to use effective bright coloring in the room, to have an open mind and to know how to control verbal responses.

The room used to hold counseling sessions should be lit with bright colors that emphasize on space and reflect light. Bright colors often elicit positive emotion and give the feeling of endless possibilities. They also make the space seem larger and elicit feelings of freedom for the clients. The use of bright colors also enhances other elements that are important like lighting and positive visual perception. Color communicates temperature too. Brighter colors tend to bring warmer sensations.

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The counselor should have an open mind to avoid bias and prejudice of the client. He should also keep an open mind during the session and be prepared to listen to information given by the client without seeming unmoved. Open mindedness will give the counselor a better idea of what the client's problem is and how to help them. The client will feel free to explain himself better. It guards against personal bias, prior knowledge and labeling of the client bringing complete focus to the client.

Other than that, the counselor should be able to control vocal responses dynamically, depending on the client's state and stage in counseling. He should be able to balance asking questions and giving information in a ration that will please the client enough for him to return for another session. In conclusion, the elements that one should consider are numerous but the three described above are key to creating a rapport with the client.

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