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Human sexuality is the way people come to familiarize themselves as different sexual beings. This entails the human beings realization as males or females, their capability of not only expressing themselves as sexual beings but also having erotic experiences and reactions. On other definitions of sexuality, there is the aspect of how human beings get attracted to other beings either of the same sex, opposite sex, both sexes or in rare occasions, the humans who are not attracted to any of the sexes in any sexual manner.

In both the ancient and modern times, human sexuality has been known to cover most of the facets of life that include politics, ethics, philosophical feature, human spirituality, the general morality and religion.

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The human sexuality can further be divided into male and female sexuality. In our case here, we are going to discuss the female sexuality with respect to the ‘The Color of Purple film’ and the ‘Wild Swans’. According to the makers of the two tales, there is a bias in the description of how female sexuality affected most of the features of a woman’s life that included the physiological, cultural, religious and social facets.

According to these sources, we can clearly see that both the society and gender used to define the female’s sexuality. For instance, Celie’s life was defined by both her father and the man he later became married to. They formed the centre part of her life in that they used to dictate all she used to do, say and also get physically involved in. She was also never given the opportunity to realize her own feelings and choices. In her religious aspect of sexuality, she was made to believe that it was only God whom she could speak to whenever she needed someone to talk to.

On the other hand, Rose, in the ‘Wild Swans’ was seen to have her head occupied with the thoughts of men and what they could do. "She would sometimes look at men's hands, at the fuzz on their forearms, their concentrating profiles. “She would think about everything they could do. Even the stupid ones: for instance, the driver-salesman who brought the bread to Flo's store. The ripeness and confidence of manner, the settled mixture of ease and alertness with which he handled the bread truck”. It is also described how Rose used to laugh out when her mother warned her against the white slavers. She also used to think about sex and would not be decisive on the issue of the so called minister when he slide his hand and touched her bare skin on her leg. Thus, the sexuality here was being defined by other women too.

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The view of this affected both characters differently. Rose could not see anything wrong with the relations she was warned against and she finally gave in to her desires. In the Celie’s case, she became inured to evil being directed her way as she silently suffered due to her belief that she was inferior to men.

Celie’s life revolved around her father, the husband and Horby, the husband’s eldest son. From the father’s behavior, to that of the husband, it is clear that these men used to control her religious, cultural and sexual decisions. These men used Celie’s sexuality as a tool to enjoy and use at their convenience. For instance, the husband used to bring Shug, a mistress, to the house whenever she was sick for Celie to take care of her. Arguably, Celie was supposed to decline but due to the domineering behavior of the husband, she always obliged. On the other hand, she had a kind of attraction towards this other woman, Shug, and this could have contributed to the kind heart to help her out.

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Human sexuality is important to ones sense of self and adulthood since it enables one to get intact with their feelings, how to express them and eventually make the necessary reaction towards oneself and others. In the same light, an individual who understands his/her sexuality is able to express friendship. The sexual differences between women and men develop significant healthy relationships. Celie, even without exactly understanding her sexuality could figure out that she liked Shug, her husband’s mistress. She had also realized that she was turning to be a good friend to her. Rose had a healthy relationship with Flo.

Celie’s character was that of kind heart, submissive and cowardly. Her use of sexuality was being controlled by her father when she was a kid. The father used to have sex with her whenever he wanted and he even made her pregnant twice. Once he got fed up with her, he married her off to a man or his choice, not one of Celie’s choices. Later in life, Celie’s husband’s eldest son, Horby, got married to Sophie. Celie used to be jealous of Sophie. The act of being jealous of Horby’s wife’s freedom was clearly brought about by the fact that she had never enjoyed freedom in her own life. She had never been allowed to do as she wished and all she did was following what her husband wanted without questioning. In addition to this, Celie found herself being attracted to a follow lady’s body Shug, which made her think that her feelings were that of a man. This could have been a result of the sexual torture she had and still was undergoing in her life. She had developed a negative attitude towards men and had never enjoyed sex as she had disclosed to Shug when they became better friends. Her character of being submissive to both the father and the husband was as a result of the physical and sexual abuse that she was put through in her life.

            Shug’s sexuality is not controlled by men. She has been portrayed as an independent woman who did whatever that she pleases. The main difference between Shug and Celie is that Shug never gave any man a chance to control her life and even her sexuality. At this scenario, the previous definition is affected since it showed how men dominantly influenced women’s’ sexuality. Consequently, the aspect of female sexuality is brought about as a power that women can use to stand up for themselves. Shug advised Celie that she should not let the husband hit her again. She also enlightened her that she could also enjoy sex. All she needed to do is to stand up for her right in expression and choice.

Eventually, Celie’s relations with Shug and the realization of her husband’s domination opened up her eyes. Her consideration of her sister’s life and the advice she received from Shug made her reconsider her life. She later transformed her life and gave her the courage to leave and start an independent life. She made business her hobby. After several years, Celie went back to Georgia, her husband’s home and found out that he was a reformed man. They later got back together but this time they were genuinely enjoying each other’s company. Celie become socially, emotionally and religiously independent.

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