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It is true that some movies are easily forgotten whereas others remain in ones memory because of their great impact on the person's life. The movie that has left an indelible mark in my life is called The Notebook movie. The movie was directed by Nick Cassavetes in the year 2004. The main characters are Ryan Gosling (Noah) and Rachel McAdams (Allie). The film was created as an adaptation of the novel called The Notebook written by Nicholas Sparks. This paper will describe the impact the film made on my life.

The main characters in the movie are representations of hope and strength in relationship. I got inspired by the strong ties between Noah and Allie. No matter what came in there way, their relationship did not grow weak. They were faced with many obstacles and challenges but they did not give up hope in their relationship.

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The Notebook movie helped me become stronger because I knew that it is always good to hold onto my beliefs and feelings.  The movie helped me understand that to conquer a good relationship; one requires being strong enough. This is because in every relationship, one has to encounter difficult and trying times and thus one has to be very strong in order to overcome them.

Another take away from the movie is that I got to learn the importance of listening and cherishing the people around me. I was able to appreciate my family and that made me closer to them. I was also able to cherish the moments I spent with my family and discovered how much this was helpful and how it made me happier. Generally, The Notebook movie had a great impact in my life because it brightened most of my social aspects. Therefore, individuals should ensure to evaluate the impacts that films have on them because some of them improve the conduct and a person's way of living.

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