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Find and sing is a romantic movie and it one of the most interesting and more romantic plays that I have ever watched in my life. The play thematically is very ambitious. The play is one of the funniest romantic comedies with many lofty themes in it. It is a modern day comedy which brings out the various issues that affects the modern day American society. The issue touches mainly on the aspect of social life of our society especially the social evils in our society. The author of the play is trying to show us that in society where there no love many evils things usually do happen. Lack love in our societies result into hatred, disunity and revenge missions that make our lives miserable.

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The play brings out the following themes; betrayal, racism, disappointment and finally a commentary touching the public education system. In order to bring out these themes clearly the author uses there various artistic devices to achieve the intended objective of the play. In the play there is usage of dialogue, monologue, irony as well as suspense. These devices help the author to make the play more interesting and more appealing to the audience.

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             The theme of racism is brought out clearly by Iago who is the only black person in the land of Othello. He lives in a foreign land where all the natives of this land are white men. The play is also very conversational not because of its contemporary nature but it actually speaks to Wendy’s ear for a dialogue. This makes the play more unique since not many contemporary plays tend to roll the tongue as the play does. The play bring out some sort of irony after a number of characters play the role of being hopeful and jaded at the same time. This appears to be real. Julia is one of the characters who bring irony clearly.

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              The play actually helps the audience to understand the importance of being mindful of other people welfare. It also emphasis on the importance of being faithful to our friends, by showing to the audience the costs implicated by betrayal. The play also teaches the audience the dangers of racism and encourages them to embrace the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood in all their day to day activities. The author of the play is after educating the audience the pains and costs of being selfish. The play advocates for loving one another as one loves him/herself.

            The play is one of the most interesting plays that have been performed in the university in the recent years because the audience is part of the performance. The audience can associate with the play because the play touches on the issues that affect their lives. The author of the play for sure has won the heart of the audience through making the play a form of airing issues that affect them in life.

                  In conclusion, the play is one of the funniest plays I have ever watched but at the same time takes into consideration all the issues that affect the society. Having watched the play, I can say it is truly an educative play in the history of man.

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