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French Culture

France has been able to cope in world with new forces that emanate from globalization and the modern times in general. The results of the effort of its citizens are a wide-ranged discussion of the overall French character and its changes since the World War II (Nadeau & Barlow, 2004). The Frenchman's overwhelming generalizations are mainly based on the conversations specifically with a variety of sources from the seat companions on the transatlantic flights all the way to high-level government and the executive business officials. The French culture enables the French intellect to be quick and active.

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Their culture flashes its way into a major subject with the speed of lightning; a French intellect can seize up a remote conclusion all with a sudden bound, and the deductions that follows are almost intuitive.. The quickness and the mobility of the French enable them to find necessary enjoyment in the multiplicity of the sensations. The French speak and act more from the immediate impressions as opposed to the reflections and meditation. They are more social, communicative, fond of society, and like the places of public resort and the amusement. Frenchmen are great optimists; they seize upon every opportunity, and revels in passing pleasure. The Frenchman is known at turning the small things into the greatest advantage (Carroll, 1990)

The French are drunkards, smokers and in most cases they tend to eat more fat than anyone else in the whole world, yet they have proven to live longer and followed with fewer heart problems as compared to the Englishmen and Americans. The French work approximately 35-hours per week and can take seven weeks' of a paid holiday every year, yet their economy is the fourth-biggest according to the rankings of the world's economic power. From a scholar's point of view, France therefore looks like a riddle. France is both rigidly authoritarian and also incredibly inventive it seems traditional yet it is modern, it lacks a clout on the international stage but it is still very influential. The observations reveal that the Frenchman's ideas on land, food, privacy and the language all combined weaves together the threads of the Frenchman's society, this is the uncovering of life in France and giving, giving of the complete picture of the Frenchman.

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