Free «Greatest WMD Threat to the U.S» Essay Sample

The United States has been experiencing threats on Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). WMD is a weapon capable of destroying a large number of people, living things, buildings, mountains and other natural phenomena. It involves the use of chemical, radiological, nuclear, and biological weapons. It is mostly used by the military system and terrorists (Hlatky, 2010).  Biological weapons are the greatest threat among the WMD. Given that terrorists and scientists are continually producing these weapons, the United States is threatened. Its major concern is the prevention of further production of these weapons. Therefore, the United States security department is looking for ways of addressing these threats in order to safeguard the citizens.

There are various issues that render the biological weapons deadly in the United States. First, these weapons are manufactured by individuals at the privacy of their laboratories. This makes it hard for the security department to detect it, hence failing to prevent its production. The government has found it challenging in that biological agents are more harmful to the citizens than the other weapons.
Secondly, the government requires sophisticated intelligence officials and detectors in order to minimize their production. A competent intelligence group needs to be put in place so as to investigate where, when, how to and who produces the agents. Detectors are also instrumental in the detection of the weapons in the region. However, acquiring such skills is costly and difficult.

Moreover, these biological agents are transmitted through letters that can be handled by any person. Some of the agents include the Bacillus anthracis, an agent that causes anthrax (Hlatky, 2010). Therefore, this poses a need for the government to acquire highly skilled medics so as to handle the affected people. Finding safe vaccines and therapeutics is a great challenge since it involves effective facilities that are used to detect and identify these harmful agents. Currently, the United States is facing technological limitation in attempt to detect these biological menaces. Evidently, biological agents are the greatest threat to the United States. They are so sensitive and delicate that a sophisticated technology needs to be incorporated in the security measures. The government should also put in place mitigation measures so as to reduce the negative effects of these weapons.


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