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Hawk roosting by Ted Hughes basically revolves around the mind and behavior of an arrogant hawk which seems to kill for pleasure. The description that he sits at the top of power in the woods signifies the power and might that this hawk has. In the poem, Ted Hughes takes up the role of the hawk to show that arrogance can lead to corruption of power and destruction of identity. Ted uses the aspect of personification to bring out the personality of arrogance by showing the hawk sitting high in a tree and looking down arrogantly at the things he sees below him. The poem seems to take the paradigms of human authority in the persona of the hawk. “The earth’s face upward for my inspection” Through this statement, the author reveals the total disregard and disrespect by the hawk to his creator as the hawk perceives himself the most important creature in the entire universe. In the poem, Ted tries to practically invoke our mind regarding the practicality of the hawk in modern world. The hawk can be used to describe political leaders that continue to live amongst us and somehow perceive themselves to be more important than others.

In an almost similar angle, the author tries to bring out the hawk as the predator preying on the perceived weaker creatures. This can be applied to the evil people in the world who prey on the weak and the poor in the society. The depiction of the hawk sitting up in the trees signifies how the wealthy and the mighty seem to be high up the ladder of importance in the society while the poor and the weak continue to be oppressed and of less importance. “I kill where I please because it is all mine.”This quote shows us how the high and the mighty continue to be of strong influence in the society. The hawk is unwilling to change his ways going by the fact that nothing has changed as a result of his behavior. This is the same mentality that is harbored by wealthy corporate owners in the greed for power and wealth.

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On the other hand, Postolka by Christian Wiman talks about an almost similar context but with a rather different meaning. Wiman has over the years been famed for balancing form and content as well as being the master of precise language. In the poem, Wiman talks about a falcon which seems to frighten the other small birds. Just like Ted, Winam seems to bring out the idea of the existence of a much stronger and larger creature that towers above the rest of the relatively smaller creatures. However, the falcon in this context is not authoritative in a cruel and arrogant manner but rather, the power it posses seems to make the subject more attracted to it. This implies that the power that the author talks about here is the power of domination of feelings.

“The falcon turned its head, and locked its eyes on mine” this quote seems to point out that the power and the sense of domination from the falcon seems to be from its gaze. In this case, we can say that the falcon is a woman whose presence seems to be dominating the very feeling of the author. At the end of the poem, the author says “The love I almost felt” This is a clear indication that the power represented in this context is the power of emotional feelings. The author tries to shorten or lengthen a line whenever the subject demands so. However, this rare accomplishment combined with a scattered rhyme scheme is responsible for the simple but complex nature of this poem.

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