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As a student of human resource management, I conducted my interview in one of the Indonesia’s national hospital called Yobo hospital. The hospital is an Indonesian government institution (national hospital) that works in conjunction with the ministry of health, and offers services as treatment, prevention and healing of various ailments and deceases among the Indonesian citizens. It is among the Indonesia’s non profit making institutions. I did a face to face interview with the general manager of the hospital Mr. Benjamin blues. Benjamin is twenty nine years old; he is a male with a master’s degree in human resource management and five years of experience in the field of human resource management. The main aim of conducting the interview was to determine how the hospital does the recruitment and selection of its employees. This was in accordance with the fact that many and different organizations have different kinds and types of methods and procedures that they use in the recruitment and selection of the employees. This is how the interview proceeded:

Jacob: Mr. Benjamin, what is the system that you have at Yobo hospital to help you recruit your employees?

Benjamin: As concerns recruitment, we utilize the pageup people software as a service system of recruitment. This is a kind of recruitment system that enables automatic screening and ranking of candidates to parameters that are configurable. The system is very efficient and manages every step of all the recruiting process, with support to the attraction, the sources and offers a way of induction of the newly hired people in our institution. The method is also safe and secure, is reliable to use and on a demand, it is able to handle all the application forms from posting jobs to the agencies of recruitment to the on-boarding.

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Jacob: At the process of recruitment, I realized that recruitment is one of the technical tools that organizations use to manage the running of the organizations. Mr. Benjamin, when you get the applications of the employees, what system of selection do you have in place that will enable you select the kind of employees that you want?

Mr. Benjamin: As concerns the selection of the employees, we use our team of experts who have been entrusted with the job of going through the recruited list of applicants and thus using other parameters as the best of all with regards to the experience of the applicant, in order to have the best candidates for the development of tomorrow of the hospital. The selection by the team of experts has no other and unwanted influence to act on preference of particular applicants.

Jacob: I also came to notice that selection is also one of the tedious processes that organizations have to be involved in, .Mr. Benjamin, what challenges do you normally have in the hiring of your employees?

Mr. Benjamin: With the hiring of the employees, we use a lot of resources and materials in order to get the best of the applicants in the market. One of the most crucial challenges that we face during the hiring of the workers is the problem of job evaluation. There are various vacancies within the hospital, as does other companies. It is not with the same strategy that a manager, in that case a general manager, is hired as a driver. You clearly know that the jobs have to be evaluated first with the strategies and processes to be followed during the hiring process. We also face some particular challenge of pay during the hiring of our workers. As the employers are intending to be employed, it is normally a hard thing to negotiate and agree on the pay that the recruit is to get after being employed. This is mainly because of the non profit making nature of our institution.  You know that it is normally the aim of any organization that it gets the best of the employees, as does the employees who would wish to get the best of the organizations that will be well paying. it is and has always been difficult for us to get and maintain the right workers at the right time, for instance we are facing a lot of challenges in the maintenance of our workers due to a small pay that cannot enable many of them to live up to the expectations of their daily needs. This is because of the nature of the hospital as it cannot be allowed to make any profit from most of the strategies that we have put in place, since it is a non profit making institution. In that connection, many of the workers are leaving the hospital with the claim that they are in a look for more paying companies. We also face a lot of logistical and financial challenges in the implementation of safe and secure hiring programs. As with the present recruitment system, screening large numbers is expensive and that it consumes a lot of time.

Jacob: Mr. Benjamin, how do you normally evaluate the performances of your employees?

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Benjamin: There are various steps that we use in the evaluation of the employees. First, is to know the reason or the objective of the evaluation, for instance the last evaluation of the employees in our hospital was to determine the grounds for the changes in position within the hospital. There is an annual shift or change in position of the employees to suit their productivity and also as a way of rewarding the best performing individuals through the act of promotion. The other reason for the evaluation is to determine the progress of the employees in training in order to know if they are progressing well.  We have also realized that many workers are not up to the task of improving the status of the new office they are moved to, or rather, the rewarding of various employees seemed not to be influencing many of the workers to improve their output even more than before, hence we seem to be failing in our objective of delivering quality services to our clients and the nation as a whole.

There is a crucial need to know the reason for evaluation since every person has his/her laid down objectives and tools of trade. The results of evaluation of an employer, as that of increased productivity and proficiency, among other factors as client satisfaction, would mean that an employee could get a rise in the pay for the job well done. Also, evaluation in our hospital is being done for the sake of the hospital’s personnel research. We, as a hospital, are focusing on improvement of productivity hence most of the objectives of carrying out evaluations in the hospital are to make the workers to do away with their own interests at the time of work and concentrate on the issues that pertains the hospital and its productivity in the delivery of health services to its patients.

Jacob: do you have any ranking system in place?

Mr. Benjamin: Within the Yobo hospital, there’re no ranking systems in place. Over the last two years, there has been a continued use of the same ranking techniques to evaluate employees. This however has never worked well to the success of the hospital. It actually has made no sense in the hospital since the hospital saw it unfair to rank employers and have them posses the notion that some are viewed to be better than others in the delivery of the health services to our clients. This is a good step to embrace conflict in the hospital!

From the past records that the Yobo hospital has been having, I realized that the major downfall for the hospital in its productivity was due to the poor rankings among its workers. It was at this point that I realized that it is only under good managerial systems that ranking can best serve any organization and subsequently yield the desired progresses.

Jacob: do you have different ranking systems in place for different departments in your organization?

Mr. Benjamin: There are actually no different systems in place for the various departments in our hospital. This is because we perceive them to bring other controversies that would affect the operations of the hospital as it had happened before. Moreover, we embrace rankings under strict and observable performance just for the sake of awards as annual prizing, and we do not use it to increase the pay of particular employees.

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Jacob: How long has the current evaluation system been in place and how often do you update it?

Benjamin: the present evaluation systems are being updated annually. This is mainly to have some kind of annual progress within the hospital that will see to it that there are improvements made due to the hospital’s strategies that have been laid down.

Jacob: How are employees rights expressed in your company?

Benjamin: In the Yobo hospital, the legal, workers rights has necessitated the formation of an independent body that listens to and ensures that every bit of the employees and employer rights are being respected as possible as it can. Through this body of legal rights there are the negotiations of the worker’s pay, benefits and safe working conditions. These rights have enabled the hospital workers be one, in that it has brought unity in the entire hospital which has also promoted the productivity of the hospital in its health services since it was put in place.

Jacob: How often are the employees rights updated?

Benjamin: The employees` rights are being updated annually. This is to make sure that at no time should any individual be deprived of a particular right or be bared from performing a particular task. Moreover, the changing nature of the international market has necessitated that we update our laws in order to protect and promote the dignity and the productivity of the workers and thus win the confidence of an international community.

Jacob: What type of grievance procedures are in place?

Benjamin: To handle the issues of employer grievances, we have empowered democracy. There is a free will for the employees to air their dissatisfactions in the terms and conditions of employment. The hospital practices justice at all costs and is always ready to listen to the employees at emergence of any issue.

Jacob: What are some of the policies your organization has in place against discrimination?

Benjamin: There are particular policies, procedures and operations that are defined to handle the issues of grievances among the employers and also the employees. The hospital is committed to providing a working environment free of any unlawful discrimination and harassment of any way. The hospital thus has adopted the policy of equal opportunity employment policy that ensures the observance of the laws and the institutions that keep the hospital moving forward. The hospital has also adopted the policy against unlawful discrimination, harassment and other inappropriate or unprofessional conduct. There is also the policy of privacy of personal data that serves to protect the property of the workers in the hospital.

Jacob: on sexual harassment, how do you express it to employees and what are the procedures for complaints?

Benjamin: Concerning the issue of sexual harassment, the hospital prohibits any employee or employer from any unsolicited or unwelcome sexual advances or conduct, either verbally or physically. On the procedures of discrimination complaints, we foster the following process; resolving of the problems on an informal basis that takes a very short time, filling of formal discrimination complaints, confidentiality in the processes and finally, the disclosure of the complaints which should be governed by the acts of the hospital and human rights besides the national laws.

Jacob: what are your future challenges that may affect your department and how are you prepared to face them?

Benjamin: there are a number of challenges that we are prone to face but the immediate ones are those of the necessity to satisfy all the clients, improving the workability of the workers and having to meet the expectations of the government. With the various strategies that the hospital has pt in place, we are prepared financially, technologically and also socially to face any challenge that will come my way in the department that I am in.

In conclusion, throughout the interview process, I realized that it is a very tedious process that requires determination and patience. Moreover, management of companies and any other institution is the most demanding and wanting job that requires the skills of human resource management. I thereby thanked Benjamin for the guidance through the entire interview process.

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