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"In Search of Democratic Peace: Problems and Promise" is an essay that provides a critical review of literature on democratic peace. It provides an in-depth analysis of whether democracies are peaceful. Moreover, the paper explores the reasons why some of the democracies are peaceful. The paper also examines and compares the various methods, data and theories that have been postulated in an attempt to explain these pertinent questions. In addition, the paper examines the various empirical researches that have been conducted with the aim of demystifying the democratic peace phenomenon.

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Essentially the main idea of the paper is to establish whether democracies are more cautious and peaceful while dealing with issues that affect their international relations. In addition, the paper attempts to provide a concise explanation to support this phenomenon. Overall, the paper argues that governments that are built on very strong democratic principal always resolve their disputes and misunderstandings with other nations in an amicable way. That is, they rarely resort to war and anarchy as a means of solving international disputes.    

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This paper attempts to underline that fact that democracies are more peaceful in handling issues that deal with foreign relations. In fact, the democratic nations are less likely to enter into war against each other. To support the argument on democracy are the ideas of Immanuel Cant who reiterated that governments that are organized in a republican way uphold the rule of law and provide the environment for the affected states of nations to perpetuate peaceful existence between themselves.

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In addition, Dean Babst (1972:55), alto suggests that there has been no serious war or battle between the democratically formed independent governments between the year 1789 and 1941. Further, Deans's research is bolstered by the findings of David Singer and Melvin Small (1976), who established that democratic nations participated in very few wars between 1815 and 1965. The paper underlines that realism is undoubtedly the overriding paradigm in the articulation of international relations and affairs.

Indeed, the arguments and ideas provided in this article concerning democratic peace are very compelling. The democracies rarely fight each other and they use peaceful and rationalized means in solving their issues. In addition, the evidence that has been provided is discrete and utterly convincing. The articles backs up its ideas with the research conducted Dean Babst, Immanuel Cant, David Singer and Melvin Small.

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