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The historical and chronological exactness portrayed in the movie, Lawrence of Arabia and predominantly its depiction of the character Lawrence, has been put under scrutiny and leaves a lot to be desiredas per the opinion of a number of film experts and academicians. A majority of the movie's characters are if not actual are created with theactual characters in mind to unpredictable degrees. The actions portrayed in the movie are principally founded on the basis ofacknowledgedpast factual events and personallettering about happenings according to Lawrence, nonethelessthere is some aspect of romantizisation depicted in the film.

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However there are variousacts for instance the scene that involvedAqaba being confronted are seen to be profoundlydramatized, although the scenes that were concerning the Arab Council were seen to display characteristics of impreciseness, as much as the council persistedwith their long living control and influence ofSyriaupto the arrivalof France and the consequentoverthrowingof Faisal in the early 1920s. The film has a very limited informationalaccountconcerning the areas historical events, the World War that occurred in the late 1910s, and the Rebellion and revolution of the Arabs is provided.

This is perhaps because of the fact thatBolt's augmentedemphasis on Lawrence thoughon the other hand Wilson's unedited playwright showed a more vivid and in some aspects a wider, more debatedaccount of proceedings. There is a subject matter that is depicted in part two of the movie that the Arab militia under the control of Lawrenceabandonedvirtually everyfellowduring his advancement towards to the north was entirelyfictitious. The movie's allocation of time for the parts that depictedthe World War that occurred in the late 1910s, and the Rebellion and revolution of the Arabs is provided, and the terrain of the area around Hejaz, are recurrentlydebatable.

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For example, In the film the scene whereby in the end of 1917 Faisalallows an exclusive interview withBentley, subsequently following Aqaba's defeat and eventual collapse, stating that the United States of Americais still stalling and still debating whether to join the allies in the First World War; yet the United States of A had joined the Allies and was had been taking part in the First World War for a couple of months by 1917. Additionally, theconnection of Lawrence with the Rebellion and revolution of the Arabs precedingthe outbreak of fighting in Aqaba for instance his participation in the captures of insurgents namely Wejh and Yenbo,is fullyeliminated. Scenes involving saving and killing of Gasim is centeredupondoubleunconnectedevents that were synchronized into one part fortheatricalpurposes.

Majority of the weaknessescentered upon themovie'shistorical precision, nonetheless, are majorly concerned with the depiction of the physical, emotional, characteristics and qualities of the major character, Lawrence. The film'sapparentglitchesconcerning its historical accuracybegin with the male representation of Lawrence.Firstly there is the dissimilarities in the way he looks physically which according to the movie he is said to be (1.87 m) which is about 6 foot2 inches tall. A known character by the namePeter O'Tooleis known to be23 cmtaller which is about 9 inchesbigger than the actual Lawrence. The portrayal of Lawrence by the playwrightsis that of an individualist. Lawrence scorned or spurnedrecognition to a very great extent. This was seen in his formulation and application of multiple identities and names after the war although this issue is usually under argument.

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In the midst of the war, Lowell Thomas wrote in With Lawrence in Arabiaof his ability toyield pictures from his camera that he had taken of Lawrencemerely by deceiving him. However, later Lawrence ensuredhe posed for a number ofphotographs for Thomas's play. There is a very well-known remark by Thomas's about Lawrence that Lawrence possessed anintellect for stumbling upon the media and limelight without him wanting which denotedthe nature of his lifestyle wherebyunexpectedactivitiesdisallowed Lawrence from hiding or concealing his personal affairs and keeping them reserved as much as possible. Some film experts, historical academicians and scholarsare against this theory, directing to Lawrence's individualliteratures in Seven Pillars of Wisdom to back theirdispute that Lawrence's nature was that of an egoistic person.

The sexual orientation of Lawrence is a topic that has been debated profusely by film experts, historical academicians and scholars. Itmaintains a contentiousissuebetween historians. Nonetheless, Bolt's principalbasisof his opinion on this issue was seeminglySeven Pillars, the movie'sdepictionappearsto have derived its information fromBiographical Inquiry (1955)by Richard Aldington, thatpostulatedamid other issues that Lawrence's sexual orientation was homosexual. The moviestructures Lawrence's supposedsadomasochism as a chief part of his character such as, his "match trick" which he performed in Cairo, Lawrence's "pleasure" of executing Gasim.

Although Lawrence virtuallyinvolved in flogging and whipping and like eventssubsequently preceding the Deraa incident, history has nofactualconfirmationthat he was involved masochistic activitiesearlierbefore the Deraa occurrence.Lawrence's depiction of adynamic and influentialpartaker in a massacre that occurred in a place calledTafas was put under great debate by historians. In conclusion although there is a lot of controversy that surround the historical accuracy of this movie but there is also a lot of truth and interesting storyline in the film. It would be a good film to be seen in class with all the students.

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