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The fashion started when the human was born. From the very beginning of our lives we are accustomed to some trends and currents. Even a small child always picks the best toys in toy stores. People and social groups always pick for their leader the most wanted and popular person in the surroundings. We live with the desire of something exclusive in our lives. Fashion, as in the lives of many, played a leading role in the life story of Mrs. Bovary. As a mostly eccentric and vulnerable person, she fallowed the desire of live which she experienced thought the books she red and the examples she had seen. The volition of something exotic and unreachable on daily basis led her to a true misery. Every person has a wish to experience something great in their lives, something that only a chosen one around us can touch and feel. It is a common thing to follow what exclaims power and welfare. This mainly is in possession of the reach and admired people. They can allow themselves to proclaim the paths which a common person should follow. These examples of their lives and their lifestyles highly impact a society in general. People trust that what the rich one and powerful do is something worth following. This is mainly because they think that such way of behaviour will bring them to the place where their ideals are. This was actually a tragedy of Mrs. Bovary: living in an imaginable world that she wanted to create around her, to have an opportunity of experiencing everything that her heroes experienced; And she actually mastered it.

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Gustav Flaubert creates before our eyes an image of a personality that does not know how to live without following some examples that she firstly found in books, than in the ball room and after that with Mr. Leon and the ladies' man Adolf. When Mrs. Bovary’s everlasting dream of becoming a heroine of forbidden love comes true, at first she is delighted by this. However, with time a blind desire of something that in her mind is only destined for chosen ones becomes her tragedy. With her own hands she destroys her life. With a constant run for the fashionable life, spending money on fashionable things she brings into misery even her loving husband. Madam Bovary becomes a victim of that time fashionable society. She falls in love with the closest representative man she meets and betrays her husband. She enjoys the feeling of being locket in her daily life and having a glimpse of passion in her life. The passion, unfortunately, makes her blind to her real problems in life. In the end it leads her to a suicide. A miserable soul that was only living in the world of images could not survive any more in real world. This is a timeless question that also impacts nowadays existence. 

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Fashion itself does not refer only to the clothing we wear. However, most consider it only this way. Nevertheless people that are setting the examples, indicate the fashion of a cool image, they proclaim the fashion of behaviour as also the fashion of lifestyle. In the world or technologies it is very easy to get to them any time. Also the commercials all the time indicate us how important fashionable life should be for everyone. Fashion plays a direct role in shaping a person’s desires and actions, based on those desires. Desmond Morris empathized on the meaning of that of we wear saying that it is impossible to wear clothing without transferring social signals (Desmond, 1977). Everything that we wear sends a message to people around us. The leading examples are the students’ uniforms or the doctor clothes or even ritual clothing. By wearing something we actually picture for the other ones, our feelings or our violations. Also, we receive those signals in commonly shaped way. Wearing something old – has no money. Wearing something expensive – in possession of great money. Wearing a murmuring clothes – has lost somebody.

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The quicker changes the fashion, the quicker we become more addicted of it. It is a well configured step of the media and advertisement industries. As in the former centuries, books and magazines were the one to transmit fashion, today these are the television and the internet. It is a simple formula: the quicker comes the change, the more chance that you do not get the opportunity to get what you want. As the fashion industry develops faster every day, the more desperately people try to follow it. At the point where only wealthy people can allow themselves to go with the flow, all the others start to admire them and try to reach that kind of welfare at any rate. This highly impacts a person’s behaviour. Despair takes the place of the reasonable. This is perfectly shown in Flauberts Mrs. Bovary behaviour when she tries to purchase everything that tradesman names in-fashion right now. The desire of something that catches the eyes of the society around us grows with every purchased thing. Sometimes it becomes an addiction. People try to supplement themselves with what the wear and what they posses. A status is created with the help of things and not with the personal qualities. That kind of behaviour leads to a majority of problems in the society. We actually live in an addicted society. Everyone gets addicted to something that is proposed for him the the masses.

The symbolism of fashion and its impact on human behaviour in action is hidden in its longing tradition to self-beautification. During whole centuries we lead ourselves to perfection and this perfection is reflected in the fashion of a specific time. It often leads to casting away whole groups of people that do not want to become fashioned. And those who follow the fashion with closed eyes become the victims of it. Mrs. Bovary’s example is just one of a thousand personalities that seek the satisfaction of their needs in something that is commonly considered as extraordinary and overwhelming. This highly impacts the view of the world and people around. Such personalities try to copy the popular behaviours and experience all the feelings promised by it. If it is fashion for modern clothing, they expect admiration from the public. If this is unfortunate love, they expect to experience the compassion from the society. If it is racing in technology development, they want to experience heart burning’s from their concurrence. Fashion makes them forget about true values. Only thing that will matter for them will be the run for the dreamed one. In the end this will lead to standing alone with nothing but the things bought and a package of a miserable lived life. After that a clinical treatment will be essential or a catastrophe can happen. As no happy ending is promised to the one that forgot about the first things in live. Nowadays we have to be even more careful than our ancestors.

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