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Resources such as films, music, television, sports, fashion, advertising, magazines and toys influence the Americans culture greatly. Televisions sitcoms, icons and reality shows have similarly influenced the culture of the Americans. This has been as a result of the messages and images depicted by the episodes in the shows. This paper will discuss the icons, television sitcoms and reality shows, which reveal the identity of American popular culture basing on the MASH TV show. M.A.S.H is an American television series that developed in 1970 by Larry Gelbart. The name MASH features the song "suicide is painless" in instrumental version, which is based on the novel by the name MASH which covers three-army doctors (Doty, 1993). It is a medical comedy and was produced in connection with 20th fox television on behalf of CBS, which is the major television network in U.S.

It goes behind the "4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital" staff during the Korean War (Bogle, 2001). In U.S, the series was started in September 1972 and finished in February 1983. MASH is one of the most watched series in U.S history with approximately 105.97 million viewers. The CBS aired the series MASH weekly with majority of the episodes running for half an hour. Since the information being presented by the series is dramatic, it is categorized in the situation comedy. The reason why the series became popular is the fact that the series has an option to watch the show without or with laugh tracks. Another reason for its excellence was due to its great celebrities and the co-producer Larry gelbart who headed the team of writers (Bogle, 2001).

The effect of television on the American culture is an ongoing problem to the people of America. This is well shown by the complicated friendships and scandalous love affairs affecting the people's nation. In addition, their behaviour, fashion and values are influenced by the media. Television sitcoms, icons and reality shows have been identified as socializing agents for the people of America. Globalization and western media promotes materialize and serve to homogenize culture than celebrating diversity. The Americans are likely to borrow Korean culture by watching the MASH since it is based on Korean War hence disrupting the reproduction of their traditional culture. Individuals are drawn to icons, television sitcoms and reality shows since they are interested about the lives of others. To some people their lives are measured unexciting and others their lives are interesting and attractive. That is the reason a television series like MASH is a huge success in America. Viewers involve with the characters as well as the narrative hence becoming more influenced to their culture. Icons, television sitcoms and reality shows can teach responsibilities and risks that come with sexual activities shown in sexual scenes.

The values and cultural myths shown in by MASH TV series is mass mediated culture. In America, a single national TV show is viewed by more than 15,000 million households. TV mediates unrealistic images in seemingly realistic images. This is a result of the TV images which seems real and the viewers defer disbelief. Work of ideology of TV depends on sex class, race and age. The policy of least objectionable programming has been adopted by the producers to avoid controversy and remain politically bland to please sponsors and gain a wide range of viewers. This has resulted to emphasis on stereotypes (Doty, 1993). Stereotypes are simple generalizations about different groups of people. Stereotypes tend to appear from groups, which are central in establishing dominant ideology. In the TV show the MASH, they use convectional images and stereotypes as the background. MASH contains a low class society, which comprises of the young and the old.

This depicts uncivilized generation, which is under developed. Other stereotype in the show was the anti-Turkish. This was because of its intelligence and sensitivity shown by the characters. The show also depicts traditional gender roles since most of the characters are men. This indicates that most comprehensive chores were undertaken by men while women remained at home. In addition, the series brought traditional values with themes about war. In the show, the characters are hawkish and patriotic to the country. The community was morally upright and this led to a patriotic nation. The workplace of the show depicts conditioning positive war. The family was the intended audience in the TV series MASH. The workplace depicted by the series was doctors who struggle hard during war to save lives using limited resources. In addition, it showed the new replacement family where people could find community, support, love and loyalty. The workplace family was to stand against the unproductiveness of corporate jobs and divorce social backdrop because work life was warm and family-like.


Based on the above paper, mash is one of the most successfully TV episodes that have great number of viewer in history. This has been contributed by excellent producers and directors of the show. Stereotypes influenced by the show include anti-Turkish and convectional images used in the background of the show. In addition, traditional values with themes about war have been shown clearly.


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