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Learning through this class has definitely assisted me in becoming the employee that I want to be. I was able to see the importance of becoming a person that is flexible and dependable at all times. I never realized at first that this course shall give me the chance to learn this well about a profession that I am trying to master.

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Through the course works and the quizzes given, I was able to see through the situation and handle employee-manager issues in my own pace that made me more aware of what the others feel and how I should deal with them. As a master student who is trying to become a master employee, I was able to enrich my reasoning through the different assignments given. My expression of opinion was indeed enriched and the right kind of development with regards my understanding on the topics regarding the issues concerned in employee development.

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Throughout the course, I could say the definition of employee and the role that each person intends to take as he becomes one was more clarified. It appears that an employee is one of the most important foundations that any company or enterprise needs to function. This is the reason why their rights need to be given proper attention, need to be properly instantiated for development and must be constantly observed.

The cross-presentation of our possible role of being the manager and being the employee has allowed me to see myself as someone in the position of the other. Through this course, I learned that effort and cooperation between both parties need to be given proper nourishment so as to increase the capability of each individual to profoundly create a difference in the organization that they are working for. Making a great expectation out of each other may be both integral as well as negative for the people in an organization depending on how it is used.

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Employee motivation and superior respect to managers were among the two most important virtues that I learned from this course. Never did I imagine that the employee-employer relationship could only become successful when it becomes definitely clear and instantiated that the rights and the values of each other are properly given attention to and that their efforts are particularly given proper compensation. It could not be denied that the entire process of development depends on how much each party care for the others’ welfare and values.

As a student, I saw myself to be of someone who needs to know more in connection with the outside world against these four walls of the classroom. Although I have already tried working before and have tried reporting for actual work schedules, I know I have done my part, but of course, through this subject, I was able to learn that there is more to myself and my capabilities that I could share with the team of workers that I am functioning with, the my role is not only for myself or defending my position but practically for the existence of the entire team and making an impression as a unified organization in the industry.

 These considerations have been the learning advancements that I have gained from enrolling and from being a well defined employee through this course. I could say that somehow, this course has definitely opened a new horizon of understanding for me as I handle the new responsibilities I would soon take at work.

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