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Colleges are increasingly becoming popular venues for intuition and serendipity. A professor will notice that a student does not understand the last point from the confusion that he reads from the students face and repeat the point for the students benefit. This is the global age, though, so is the question is whether there lies a method to increase student understanding of problematic courses using applications that so many of them have become familiar with such as math courses on the internet. Students are increasingly becoming dependent on visual applications to understand concepts; therefore, such an application on the web would have to have direct applications to their everyday activities to help them grasp concepts.


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Emulations of trusted features would be necessary on the site, each with a specific purpose in guidance of learning. These include, study sets found in each section that aim to offer a multifaceted approach to the practice and reinforcement of the concepts taught in each section. These would be designed for the student to methodically build their knowledge of the concepts in every section. This relates from basic recall to increasingly complex methods of problem solving. In this way, the student will gradually develop a reading, and writing way of thinking mathematically.

Under these topic, the online study set will first focus on the important vocabulary mentioned n the section. The fill in the blank vocabulary problems would aim to emphasize the main concepts that are taught in the first chapters of the online mathematical course. This would also provide the base for learning and communication as concerns the language of algebra. The next field of alteration would focus on the concept basis. Here, students will be taught on the specific miniature skills and procedures that are necessary to complete a guided practice to the “try it yourself” problems that are bound to follow.

The next step in the course would be notation. This is where students review the new symbols that are introduced in the sections. Mostly they are asked to look over the sample questions that follow and follow the set by step solution process. This will strengthen their ability to read and write mathematics, and at the same time will prepare them for the guided practice section by modeling the solution formats that they got during this section. The guided practice consists of problems that are linked to an associated example that already has been worked out.

All of the problems in the guided practice section of the study sets would in turn be linked to associated examples that have already been worked out or objectives from the previous chapter. This feature would promote student success by referring them towards the proper worked example or objective, that is if they were to encounter difficulties when they were solving homework problems. From hence the student would be able to work things out for themselves, which makes the next section a try it out portion of the course. In order to promote the problem recognition, the study sets now include collections of try it yourself problems which do not link to the worked forms of examples. The problem types that are mixed give the student the opportunity to practice the art of decision making and strategy selection, in the same way they would when they take a test or a quiz.

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The online site should also contain practice exercises with the aim of pin pointing common student mistakes. This would sharpen the student as to their aptitude in the subject. They become alert to the ways they could miscalculate when computing a problem. As such, the site should include four study skills or checklists designed to actively use some of the key features in the text. In most courses, the subsequent chapters would include one checklist that would appear before the chapter summary and review that would provide another layer when it comes to the preparation to promote student success.

 The applications give the student a chance to apply their new learnt algebraic skills to the relevant real life instances. In actual effect, the writing problems help the students to build mathematical communication skills. Students in class should know how to communicate with each other and the teacher using mathematical language or express themselves using mathematical vocabulary. This way, they do not run at a loss of mathematical procedure when working out a problem.

The trouble with most classes today is that students think mathematics is to be crammed into the mind because it simply consists of formula. The aim of the website is to prove them utterly wrong. The site aims to show students that mathematics is a language and not a list of formulas that one must cram down their throats to work out a problem. It should look as a perspective by which one judges their world through a different view of numbers and figures. However, the system of web learning of certain subjects such as ma thematic has been performed in other ways.

In the state of Arizona, the algorithms especially feature in the course content as well. Many of the A. S. U students, at the moment, take courses through a system that aims to mine performance as well as behavioral data. Here, it builds a profile on each of the users and delivers the recommendations when it comes to the learning activities that should come next. This system was created by a startup company known as Knewton.

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It has also offered a glimpse into what many of the students that try it out will call as the mode of teaching slowly goes from the textbook   and lectures that feed a similar structure of information to a class of 300 students. Regardless of the individual expertise to the machines which study the user’s learning patterns and adapt to them resultantly. The concept has excited some experts who call the traditional approach, an inefficient model that has had the biggest hand creating the biggest number of dropouts.

In a way, it is true that the current system has created strife in the learning system. People have become too obsessed with results. The students in class are told that they are all the same which is good for self esteem but is untrue because each student has their learning methodology and curve. When put to a race, others will win because the system has worked to their advantage in some way or other. The rest will feel they are the losers because they are inferior. This leads to the budding opinion that some people just do not have an academic personality, which is a fallacy.

Hence, the website design should not discriminate in any way when it comes to learning methods. Remember, the purpose of the site is to provide assistance to some students that are struggling with key course concepts. The site must therefore, act like a wiki by including links to various student authored websites that deal those concepts, in which they are fully illustrated with fully solved sample problems. Supplements or the complements to other writing projects should include eventualities that allow for the following: Here, students can post analyses for the watch words on a single website as reference to be used throughout the entire course.

Differing concepts on visual aids such as the web

Students should also be able to compile all of their examination questions that they have written in a previous examination and use the source as a perfect review for the quiz using the online site. There are critics to the visual theory of students learning faster on the web, however. These experts imply that what may be flashy and sound cogent may in fact be based on flawed assumptions. These experts claim there is no evidence to claim there are visual learners that benefit from video modes of learning over that of the text version.

On the other hand, it would be better to go with the most popular mode of the era. It is proven that students relate better to concepts they use in everyday life. Internet application has become quite advanced and as a result, what used to be technical knowledge in the past decade is now basic knowledge owing to the growth of technology. Designing a website would have been considered part of that technical knowledge. Composition of web media is one of things that require technical skills not normally required of students unless they are in the I. T field.


Students that have problems with mathematics have sometimes chosen their subsequent fields of interest or career, to avoid any contact with the subject. This is because of the scarring encounters they have had with the subject in the past. The purpose of the website is to remove feelings of fear for mathematics. The students are to get comfortable with the idea, that mathematics is a perspective just like any other. At this point, they will be successful in studying.

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