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McCafe is a fast food and beverage chain, under the ownership of McDonalds. McDonald's Licensee Ann Brown founded and launched it, in Melbourne, Australia in the year 1993. The chain is famous for its espresso coffees, which have found immense appreciation among most consumers.

The chain stretched to thirteen countries by the year2002. United States witnessed the opening of the first one in Chicago, in the month of May 2001. By then, there were already about 300 of them worldwide. Japan experienced their first taste of McCafe drinks and delicacies in 2007. They are a total 1,300 of them, worldwide currently, despite the fact that it was only a small fraction of McDonald's ultimate strategy (Peter, 2008). Madrid Spain had to wait until June 28, 2008, to have first one opened in McDonalds' Montera restaurant. Further expansions, took it to the African continent in August 2008, with South Africa being the first to receive the McCafe concept. On the 6th of July 2010, a new one was in operation in El Salvador.

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Despite McDonalds being something new and unusual in Europe, the McCafes which were introduced in there, first in Ireland in 2002, have stood out as unique and convincing, especially in Germany which has a considerable number of them. Russia and Italy also pride in a number of restaurants. The corporation has a plan of opening 1,200 McCafes across entire Europe inclusive of Britain (Irvine, 2009). The opening of McCafe chains in Europe has seen increased competition between it and the Starbuck, another coffee brewing giant.

To come with such good coffee, that has earned credits among most consumers, state of the art machines to serve the purpose have to be put in place. McDonald has an awesome coffee machine capable of cranking cappuccinos. They entire machine is digitally operated and self contained. The machine has two coffee beans canisters at the top with. The beans get ground fresh with each new ordered mug (Tucker, 2009). The McCafe chain of coffee shops have indeed championed in the making of a cup of coffee.

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