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The most significant words in the text include migration, refugees, and political economy. Migration refers to the process of individuals moving from one point to another with a given purpose (Pettman 251). Refugees are the individuals that are displaced from their initial residences due to issues such as war and other catastrophes (Pettman 253). These individuals could be displaced from their original homes either internally or externally. Political economy refers to the goodwill of the government in terms of caring for its citizens (Pettman 256). The government needs to take care of its citizens by ensuring that there is peace that would allow the entire economy to perform at its best in order for its citizens to benefit.

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The main argument of the texts is that migration is common among the female gender and children. According to the texts, the gender migration is widely spread among women. This could result in political instabilities in their countries or voluntary movements. They mostly migrate together with their children with the aim of taking care of them until they are independent. Thus, women displaced by factors such as wars are considered to be victims of war who decide to vacate a particular region because of ongoing wars and acrimonious living within the country. They ultimately go to other countries where they stay permanently and adapt to the traditions and practices of the country.

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The terms that I do not understand include migration flow, large-scale flight, neo-liberal restructuring, identity politics, geopolitical power, migrating decisions, dearth of data, bipolarized, and pre-eminent.

The rampant migration among women is also caused by such factors as marriage. Most women would move from one region to another because of the need to found their new homes. Marriage is a social factor that promotes the movement of individuals from one place to another. The articles argue that men would not be involved in this kind of movement as most of them remain in their areas of birth. Women are accommodated in the homes hence leading to migration. They deliver the best services in the places they move to and thus they are received with open arms there. Women are resilient to their lives and have the capacity to make the best out of lives. It is argued that most of them could contribute more to the country or place of migration even compared to the residents.

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Women are constantly moving to other places because of the effects of modernization. They are now able to perform duties that used to be performed by men alone hence; they are in a better position to work anywhere. They are moving all over the globe seeking for the appropriate opportunities that would help them take care of their families (Pettman 257). This is because of changing gender roles in the society. The articles argue that the role in the society is changing at a faster rate thus forcing women to move from one place to another looking for perfect chances. Hardworking nature of women has also contributed immensely to their increased rates of migration. This is because of the belief that they would help boost existing conditions of a particular region. Their coming would cause significant changes in the region easily and develop it more. They could also be peace ambassadors in those regions they move to. This is especially common among the women that migrate because of wars and conflicts in their countries. They take the opportunity to preach peace all over the world and avoid such occurrences in the future.

The critical questions I would compose are: What are the pros and cons of international migration and how are refugees treated in various countries across the globe?

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