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The film "Milk" has clearly unveiled the state of affairs surrounding the gay community (Milk). It depicts an interesting scenario considering the modern trends of gay suicides revealed by the media and the crimes of gay hate in colleges.  Various stereotypes for the community of gay people in the movie include the fashion that gay men had gotten into, the brand names, elegant dress code and the effort they made to dress up each day as well as their mannerism and way of talking.  The feeling depicted here is so strong that if anything was the cause for the person watching the film, they would die for it. Some people may not die for the rights for the gay community but the "Milk" film would make a person feel like they were gay and hence consider dying for it. It is so convincing that if it was a cause very dear to the audience, then it would die for it (Scott, pp. 1-4). Therefore, the main theme socially depicted by the film is that of the gay rights and their commitment in attaining them.

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Overall Significance

The film, "Milk" attains what it is intended to do, narrating an inspiring story of a single man's quest of legitimizing identity to provide hope for the community he lives in. It may not be clear how this would work out for large cities or whether it would sway any views on political matters, but it offers empathetic and a valiant move of it. The film espouses a number of messages that can be trusted. These include equal rights for all people; an issue the United States of America has all along been fighting not forgetting the transformative community organizing power. The hopeful messages in the film are amalgamated with the bittersweet information that whilst the American culture had taken bold steps in a progressive manner after Obama won the 2008 election, the rights of the gay have been infringed. Actually, watching the film at the present American age becomes hard on the way to feel (Coley, pp.1-3).  

Important Scenes

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There are two important scenes in the film that are important in my opinion. One is in the relationship between Harvey and Scott. This relationship has a very big difference in age matters although they are both at advanced ages and that does not really seem to count anything. The movie reveals things that are not taught in the history class. At different points in life, it is unheard of that a person would date another of a younger age as in this case. However, Milk spells out some truth where such factors are forgone once a certain achievement has been made. For instance, an individual could have an age boundary of older guys; with a cut off of may be a graduated person for those already in college. All the same, it is no longer an issue going for somebody older the moment a person gets out of college and secures a job (Milk).

It is also an amazing encounter while watching the movie at the point where Harvey closes down any business opposing the gay community. Such was the powerful nature of the move that a number of businesses went bankrupt. It makes a person desire to try out such an approach if working for a certain cause. There is some sort of liberation for the gay community and resounding victory. Such commitment is needed when the matter in subject is one to die for. To exude calm confidence with such affection apparently has delivered much to the gay community and would do so to any efforts applied with the same spirit in whatever circumstance in the various aspects of life (Scott, pp. 1-4).

Interesting facts about Milk

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Setting aside the entire movie, the performances are plainly worth watching.  Each single actor in the film offers a career-nurturing turn in his or her specific role. For instance, Emile Hirsch is almost unrecognizable as Cleve, an activist and protégé of Milk.  Hirsch gets the fuss, ambition, although with the fear that should have been conspicuous in the 1970s campaign office of Milk. Josh makes the performances more excellent as the tortured and moreover, Dan White, the disturbed supervisor.

Set back in the Film

The film however suffers in its structure and the entire script. It is composed like an ordinary biopic (Bradshaw, par. 1-9). All the same, it culminates by transcending the genre constraints. It bothers much when there is an apparent desire in the movie to introduce a large number of characters and subplots.  It is true that all these characters played a significant role in the life of the protagonist and in the wider story of reform although at some point, there is need to sacrifice verisimilitude to make the narrative effective.  For instance, the relationship between Lira and Milk clearly has a strong back story which has been repeated severally by a number of the characters in the film. Even after all that, there is not adequate time allocated to develop or explain it and therefore, when it is consequently resolved, there is hardly any emotional attachment.  There are a number of motivations of people lost in a mixed up exposition as the film feels too purposed to hit particular beats and recreate certain events to care strongly concerning the development of character (Chen, par.1-8).

Lessons Learnt

Something I learnt that I did not previously know about the time period of the film is that political actions can be born of disappointment and that it can be very easy for groups of aliens to seek unity and strength in their numbers. The film above any other thing is an acting platform    for many raw talents (Bradshaw, par. 1-9).  It is such an overwhelming experience with the film. Great things have their beginnings in that which is small. The film has given a new definition of greatness and achieving success; doing small things in a great way will in the end culminate into a bountiful success in the cause that is anticipated.

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