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The Medical Office Assistants' Association of British Columbia was founded in 1961 as a non-profit association with eight active provincial chapters and many members-at-large.

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Members work in medical offices and facilities throughout the province. They are employed in a variety of positions - receptionists, secretaries, office managers, clerks, bookkeepers, technicians, medical office assistants and educators. Student membership is available at the Chapter level with a mandate of developing and maintaining a strong, professional image that will be valued by patients and the medical community. The association is committed to providing opportunities for educational, personal and professional growth in order to assist members' productivity and to increase their satisfaction with their work environment.

This association provides opportunities to attend seminars and work-related meetings. Furthermore, members have the chance to network both locally and provincially. Many groups hold monthly meetings and invite interesting and informative guest speakers; some chapters arrange dinner meetings and social events. A highlight of the MOAA calendar is the annual conference, usually held on the last weekend in April in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting. This is an educational, informative and fun-filled weekend hosted in turn by various Chapters throughout the province.

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Later on I met with a MOA and her name was Jenifer Farr. Jenifer was to start her job in June 2010. We had a long chat with her and she sad that she was very pleased that she was working around the place that she was. During the meeting she gave comment that this is a very busy job all the time. She was working in orthopedic surgeon children hospital and she was working with 60 to 120 patients' every day. Jennifer was working with two other doctors. She did mention that the doctors are nice and that if I did work fast I will enjoy the work if not then it will be boring.

The MOA also talked about the novation from Douglas College during the lunch time and lastly, the MOA talked about Prince George Conference on April 29. In this conference, the attendees will learn among others the following:

  • Challenges to interagency collaboration and recommendations to enhance coordination
  • Practical tips on how to leverage institutional knowledge, software tools, and training to maximize collaboration
  • How to identify and implement KM tasks to streamline communications within busy organizations
  • Practical, transferable approaches for government organizations focused on optimizing collaboration

Among the key speakers was:

Dr. Bultz who is an active member of many collaborative psychosocial research initiatives, holds several grants and has published widely. He also serves on a number of editorial boards for cancer-related journals.

Sue Sinclair who has over 20 years' experience in clinical services with a strong clinical background in nursing, education and clinical trials and has held senior executive management roles in the acute care setting and worked in both the public and private health sectors will be the second speaker.

The doctors were requested to keep to the road map for enhanced health conditions.

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