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This 1975 film is an adaptation of one flew over the cuckoo's nest by Ken Kesey. The film was directed by Milos Forman and it won five academy awards (Oscars) in the category of Best Film, Best Actor in a leading Role, Best Actress in a leading Role, Best Director and Best Screenplay. This shows just how much revolutionary luminosity and stern misogyny can dwell in the same film. It was released in the same year as President Richard Nixon resigned.

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The film confines the anti-dictatorial character of the 60s culture but also seem to propose that the revolt had very less to offer. Slowly this film turned into a masterpiece with it's with its eternal topic, dark humor and outstanding performances, particularly by Oscar winning actor Jack Nicholson and actress Louise Fletcher. In today's world the rendering of Louise as a subtle Nurse Ratched sets nursing icon whose pessimistic power may never be exceeded.

Jack Nicholson plays Randle McMurphy is a compelling roughneck who masterminds his relocation from a work farm where he is serving his newest sentence for assault to a mental health facility in spite of the fear that he is faking sickness in order to do his time in a more relaxed place. The movie was filmed in the Oregon State Hospital in Salem Oregon.

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Randle McMurphy unites with mean having different psychic issues including the character played by Will Sampson as Chief Bromden and the young Brad Dourif as Billy Bibbit. This unit is conquered by Nurse Ratched. She guides the patients in every day debates which seem to be definite group rehabilitation. There she offers them calm and given them normal clarifications for the collection of regulations with which she controls their lives. As time goes by Randle starts to realize that Ratched is instead an astuteness sociopath who frightens and sensitively torments those she is apparently helping.

She is aided by Mimi Sarkisian who plays Nurse Pilbow and a group of careless African American entourages. Nurse Ratched's therapy is not therapeutic at all. Yet the film highlights that as in a corporation or a democracy most of the patients are there willingly. While the truant male doctors argue whether Randle McMurphy is really in need of medical attention, he sets out to challenge the power of Nurse Ratched. He leads the patients on prohibited adventures which include singing, wine and women. He knows that this will enrage nurse Ratched.

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Randle McMurphy is not hard-working chaperone but amazingly there are no serious harm consequences and these adventures clearly encourage better therapy for the patients than that of Ratched's inflexible, joyless management. Randle refuses to be like other patients and creates a sense of sovereignty in the other patients. This prompts an increasing encounter between him and Nurse Ratched. In order to gain full control he resorts to harsh measure for everyone including Randle.

Nurse Ratched is now an American model, a killer who skillfully mistreats her power on her patients. Even her name sounds like wretched and has rat in it. The film offers no explanation for her sick behavior. It could be because of burnout after caring for the patients for years in a strict medical institute. Beyond the clear biased and common representation, Ratched could be observed as a caution about the possibility for mistreatment in the profession of nursing. But she cannot be estranged from the film's stubborn observation of women usually: they are either enfeeble, anti-sex figures like her, pathetic mice like Nurse Pilbow, or in the best case situation easy, snigger facilitators like McMurphy's girlfriend whose name is Candy played by Marya Small.

The movie is a contemptuous condemnation of organization power formation, but it appears to place the guilt regularly on Mothers, who just would not let boys be boys. While Mothers position as a nurse is perhaps subsidiary, the occurrence of such a negative nursing representation at the center of this important film is upsetting.

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