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Online users presently suffer from various issues found on the Internet. Some of these problems include Trojan horses, worms, and viruses, among others. Numerous users are also vulnerable to hacked sessions, phishing off their financial information. Such issues prove that the Internet is never secure enough for online users.

Over many years, we have witnessed innovations and advanced technologies. Life has become a pleasant thing with the invention of computers. In addition, various tasks became easily achievable just by a single mouse click. Technology has enabled us to access information, which previously was unattainable. Today, people of different nationalities, races, social classes, cultures and religions can interact online. Geographical location has faded into the background. However, the Internet users still face the issues that come hand in hand with positive expectations. In that regard, the Internet users have to be doubly careful so that they protect the information stored on their computer. This goal is only achievable by using antivirus that kills online threats. It is indispensable to install antivirus software in order to reduce the numerous threats and prevent malware attacks.

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There are some basic things that one has to know or do when using the Internet in order to protect themselves from the problems like hacking, imposter posing, and computer viruses. This essay will focus on online security, which is the protection of Internet users by the Information Technology experts and specialists. They do this through designing programs and ingenious devices.

Benefits of using the Internet

The Internet has actually revolutionized the manner in which people live today. This includes various activities ranging from entertainment to financial services such as online shopping. Numerous individuals rely on the Internet for a number of activities, due to the wide exposure and invasive information. The Internet helps students do their term papers or theses by providing them with authoritative sources. It has also helped students who cannot interact physically with their tutors acquire learning online and even pass the exams in the same way. Mainly developed nations resort to this form of e-learning. Business people are able to advertise their products online and people from all parts of the world can find up-to-date information on a regular basis. Nowadays, the applicants can even send their resume or curriculum vitae with the help of the Internet and get a job position from the comfort of their home. Various social networks such as Facebook, twitter, MySpace provide people with a wonderful opportunity of interaction with family and friends. Therefore, it becomes evident that the Internet has significantly influenced the life of millions of people.

Online Threats

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Learning about the potential threats that come hand in hand with the Internet usage pertains to both first-time and subsequent users. The first online threat that can cause a lot of damage is a virus. In other words, it is an extremely harmful computer program that can replicate and move rapidly from one computer to another via the Internet. It infects files on a network file system and tampers with the information stored on a computer’s hard drive. As a result, a computer user is unable to find his/her documents or retrieve the information they had previously saved. People who want to access information from another person’s computer without their consent create viruses. They slow computer’s performance, cause a crash, or allow spammers to send email through your account. The second one is a spyware, which goes hand in hand with an adware. Both of them are online threats, which an inexperienced user can download by mistake.

For that reason, the Internet users are strongly discouraged from visiting unknown and unofficial websites. Those sites can ask a visitor to do things that he/she will find unnecessary. They may display pictures that an individual did not request for, events, stories or advertisements of no interest to the user. In extreme cases, it may steal your password or even tamper with your accounts. This exposes one of having an imposter since it monitors the online activities and collects personal information. The third threat is a botnet, which, in other words, is a significant number of computers that suffer hacker intrusion. The criminals use the infected computers to spy on websites and attack them with a huge amount of traffic or as engines sending spam.


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Luckily, there are comprehensive solutions to the above mentioned threats. The NCSA is concerned with protection of every computer. The Internet user can install software devices in order to protect a computer from cyber criminals and other intrusions. Computers should have protection installed; the first one is the antivirus software. A person can download the software and receive automatic updates, especially those that have something to do with security. The antivirus software protects computer from viruses by checking and scanning incoming email and deleting every file that is infected. This software should be updated on a regular basis in order to defend a computer against the latest viruses. It is fairly easy to buy this software online, or get it free from the Internet service providers.

The second computer protection solution is the anti-spyware software. It helps to scan one’s computer for spyware programs and then allows deleting any unwanted or harmful surveillance software found. Finally, there are firewalls. They help keep hackers away from computer and allow tracing personal information without one’s consent. Firewalls act like a guard against those trying to access one’s system. They also block communication with sources that one does not allow. No doubt, such software devices have to be installed on computers for security reasons. Experts also recommend disconnecting the computer from the Internet when it is not in use. Another thing to remember is that computer operating systems need to be up-to-date. Every computer user should protect his/her passwords and use a current web browser. Finally, it is better to avoid downloading programs from unrecognized sources. Since hackers follow prevention technologies, it is essential to devise sophisticated detection tools to counteract security breaches. One of these devises is the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that helps in detecting unauthorized access, which is the biggest threat because hackers can use personal information, thus, causing financial losses. Since numerous organizations are currently emerging online, it is vital to have security measures in place.


The Internet has created considerable impact on the life of millions of people. Online users should be doubly careful not to visit unauthorized sites and make their computers crash or give out personal information. Learners and other users should track the changes in their computers and detect any shortcomings. People should also install protective devices for their computers so that they could enjoy using the Internet without fears or breakdowns. Therefore, it is necessary to install security devices. In order to fix security issues, both security policy makers and the Internet users must select a range of measures that are likely to address the importance of secure transmission. This is achievable through data encryption even in ordinary online sessions. Above all, certification authority must set up guiding principles that will help users gain confidence in the integrity and security of the Internet.

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