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On August 5, 2010 there was a tremendous accident – Chilean Copper Mine collapsed trapping 33 workers inside. There were different opinions on the rescue operations. Most people doubted the effectiveness of it. “While few Chileans dared say it out loud, most of the country felt the miners were probably dead. But Fidel Báez believed in his heart they were alive” (Yang, 2010). As the days turned into weeks, the relatives and friends made a tent camp at the entrance of the mine. They called it “Camp Hope” (Yang, 2010).

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The rescue efforts lasted for about two months and were crowned with success. All the miners were brought up alive.

During all that period, the company possessing the mine had to communicate with different groups of people giving out the information about the current events. The company should take great care about how the whole world got the information about disaster. The people hired by the company to do this task were to deal with different audiences; therefore, they had to take into consideration the audience they were addressing. The representatives of the company had to release the information to the relatives of the trapped workers in one way and the information for the other worker of this mine in another, and then to press in still another way. Besides, they had to take great care that the reputation of the company was kept intact.

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This accident affected a lot of people. Not only those 33 workers trapped in the mine but also the members of their families were affected by this tremendous disaster. Of course, they badly needed the information about their fathers, their beloved, and their sons. The company had to insure them that the information was accurate, truthful and up-to-date. The representatives of the company’s task was to insure the members of the families that they were aware of the whole information what was happening and what was being done at the moment. The representatives also had to give the information about what was planned to do in the near future in order to bring the trapped miners out from the mine. Of course, they had to keep the families optimistic of the outcome. Furthermore, they had to take into account that there were people of different culture, beliefs and background.

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The company’s task at that time was to keep the members of the family calm, reassured that their beloved are alive. They had to inspire the hope for the best. The same with employees, as the company did not want them to leave their company. It was essential to show them that everything possible is done to rescue their friends as being employed at such place nobody can be completely sure that similar case could not happen with somebody else. After finding, the miners and establishing a connection with them there were taken emotionally colored steps to encourage both miners and members of their families. “The miners later used a modified telephone to sing Chile’s national anthem to the hundreds of teary-eyed relatives celebrating above.” (Bernetti, 2010).

Sample 1 ( press release for families)

The miners are found! All are alive. There is a communication cannel set. In some time you will be able to communicate with them. We are able to supply them food, medicines and other necessary things for keeping alive and healthy. “The rescue team is creating an entertainment program that includes singing, games of movement, playing cards. They want the relatives of the miners to record songs, to make videos, to create works of theater for the family." (Candia, 2010).

Sample 2.( press release for employees and other people)

All of the miners are found alive. The communication between them and the rescue team is set. They are supplied with food, medicines and other necessary things. “The government is taking steps — from getting doses of anti-depressants for the men to sending down fresh clothes and games — to help keep them physically and mentally fit for the grueling wait ahead.” (Candia, 2010).

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